E3 - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare details

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E3 - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare details

At the Microsoft and XBox pre-E3 announcement there were, as expected, new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare details shared. Microsoft kicked off their show, and all of todays' pre-E3 conferences, in style with some in game footage from a level of the Advanced Warfare campaign called "Induction". The footage follows a unit of US Marines being dropped behind enemy lines in Seoul, South Korea and you can watch and re-watch the footage to your hearts content here;

As has been the case...
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The gameplay was pretty good, for once they made actually make a CoD with advance weaponry. The ending was pretty sad though and really sucks for that one solider.

Anyways, I may just get this when it comes out mulitplayer pending.


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Seeing as it's made by Sledgehammer Studios, the ones who created the monstruosity called MW3 (my least favorite one), I don't have many hopes for the quality of this game.

I'm still sour about Treyarch's game being delayed one more year, but maybe that's a good thing - Treyarch always make good CoD games, so with more time to develop, they could make them even better!

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