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Hello, I got this a few days ago and have decided to sell it for various reasons. it has everything that it originally came with and it will be shipped in it's original box unless you request otherwise.

Price: $85 shipped (the $10 is shipping if it ends being cheaper I will fund the difference)

If you think that is to much, please argue with me. Also, if you don't want to pay while I'd prefer cash, here's a list of stuff that I would trade for it:

1. OOOs Stuff that isn't RP toys like the OCC's or the Candroids.

2. Figuarts Punchhopper, Tatoba, Any Double figuart that isn't Skull or C/J.

3. Play Arts Kai Ezio

4. If you also have any Double RP toys you don't want I'll trade for those as well. Like the Trigger Magnum, Lost Driver, Skull Magnum or Xtreme Memory.

So yeah either PM me here or email me at ridleyfanx@gmail.com and we will see what can work out.
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The Writer
I'll just reiterate here, if you think that price is way to much then please just give me an offer on it and I will probably accept it. That price is just my preferred selling price for it.

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