DX MMPR Megazords (plus Instructions and catalogs from Wild Force - Mystic Force)

Black Fang

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Here are some things for sale that I forgot I even had. First up, two S1 Megazords.

On the left is the regular Megazord. The sword, cannons, and Mastodon trunk and tusks are missing, and the Triceratops horns are Argus's repros. The price is $31.20.

On the right is the black and gold Megazord. The left Mastodon tusk is a right tusk from the regular Megazord, and the Tyrannosaurus tail tip is an Argus repro. Only the cannons are missing. The price is $51.80

The following are instruction sheets for morphers and zords, and catalogs from Wild Force to Mystic Force. The included instructions are:
WF Megazord
Isis Megazord
Animus Megazord
Storm Megazord
Thunder Megazord
Samurai Star
Wind, Thunder and Lightning Morphers
Thundersaurus Megazord
Dino Stegazord
Mezodon Megazord
Dinozord Set
Thundersaurus, Drago and Triassic Morphers
12-in Talking Ranger (I don't know how I have this one. I think someone got me it years ago as a joke)
Titan Megazord
Solar Streak Megazord

You can either get individual sheets and catalogs for $3.40 each, or $20.91 for the whole set.

I accept payment via either money order or Paypal. Post here or PM me if you're interested. Thank you for looking.