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Dungeons and Dragons have an All-star cast of Franchise worthy actors like Chris Pine, Regé-Jean PageMichelle Rodriguez, and Sophia Lillis. This movie is not the first time an adaptation got made out of this Tabletop RPG franchise. 
There was a Dungeons and Dragons film in the early 2000s, but it was a failure. It only made $33.8 million out of a budget of $45 million. The critics also destroyed it as it only got 10% ratings to score in rotten tomatoes. They said that the third time is the charm, but this second attempt has all the elements of a triumphant epic.
This newly re-branded picture has tremendous potential because its cast is more endearing, and its chemistry and affinity are sharper. I tried to...

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I never got the chance to play D&D for unknown personal reasons. This movie does appear to be well-made and entertaining. Even though I'll be missing the references, I'll still give it a shot.
This movie seems like that would be very enjoyable.
The cast has a great stage presence and conveys the impression of a group of idiots who get into a life-threatening adventure but somehow manage to bullshit their way through it.
Chris Pine was excellent in Wonder Woman, and I am confident he will succeed as a Bard.


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LOL so their leader has the least fighting ability. He just know how to play a lute. He is so confident he can lead a group of warriors stronger than him.


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I'll watch this at least a few times in theaters before purchasing it on streaming to let Paramount know how wonderful it is and to urge a sequel—or, even better, a D&D cinematic universe with actors and special effects of this caliber! Just the cast has me interested! There is obviously a market for high-budget Dungeons and Dragons content because this hit #1 on trending! And Larpers have been craving a film like this for a very long time! I'm hoping this plays a "vital role" in attracting new fans to the community.


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I had a small amount of interest in a D&D movie.
Now I am VERY excited. This trailer rocks. Making it a heist sounds AMAZING and is very fitting. I love the monsters I recognize from the monster manuals I read as a child. Good choice of character classes. Moreover, the tone feels suitable. unable to wait
I never learned how to play DND because I am much of a himbo to understand those manuals and my imagination is not that good but I am a bloody casual but I want to watch this movie. The cast just have a good rapport.


I guess this time DND will be more popular since game have important role in Stranger Things last season.