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20 years later these guys are back at it again.

Harry needs a kidney transplant and the dynamic duo are in high pursuit of Harry's biological daughter in hopes that he can get one of her kidneys.

What do you guys think about these coming back again for a sequel? It's a cheaply done movie, so they will make some kind of profit from it. The laugh factor might be stale. But if you liked the first movie, then you'll like this one.

I will definitely see it, as a curiosity. This almost happened five years ago, but the producers backed out. I loved the first one, but you know this one is just going to try to live up to it, and fail miserably. Sequels usually do. I have no doubt I will laugh, but I doubt I watch it over and over, like the original.


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I will watch it...eventually when it shows up on Amazon for free. :) The first one truly was hilarious and it still makes me laugh even though I have seen it numerous times. I just have a feeling that this one is going to fall far short of the first one.


I haven't had a chance to see it yet but I'm trying to get to it. The first one is a classic and still makes me laugh today. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this so I was unsure if it was worth my time or not. I think that I will enjoy it, despite it seeming quite cheesy. I think the series has a sense of nostalgia to some people and that always translates to dollar bills.

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