Drew Barrymore Is A Zombie Now

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Drew Barrymore Is A Zombie Now


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Drew Barrymore is a really nice actress and she has played a number of different roles, but Zombie was certainly not one of them. I don't know what this will add to her career, but I am not exactly a zombie fan. :)


I am not a fan of any of the zombie shows or movies to be honest. Drew is a great actress so I hope her acting may have a good impact on me and make me give that zombie show a chance. I bet that it will be a hit since many people are fund of the zombie trend.

Jasmin Cottontail

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I am a fan of Drew Barrymore and I always watch her movies. Yes I think she is a great actress and since this is her first Zombie flick, I think she'll do good as well. I'm also a huge Zombie movie movies and the only Zombie film that I've seen great after Dawn of the Dead was Train to Busan. I hope I can include this one on my list :)


I don't think that being a zombie requires great acting, as actors have way too much characterization and we can't even see their expressions straight. It's just being there and mumbling something no?

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