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Dredge is a fishing simulation RPG that gives you the life of living on the ocean. It was developed by Black Salt Games and was published by Team17. 2023 is the predicted release date of this future classic.
The cell-shaded art style gives you 3d graphics that resemble 2d hand-drawn images. It is like an animated painting.
Although numerous video games simulate fishing, this one allows you to actually reel in fish and then sell what you’ve caught. In addition, a narrative can be pieced together as you progress through this adventure. The setting of Dredge is a remote Archipelago named “The Marrows.”
You play the role of the captain of a fishing vessel. One of the most significant stakes of being a fisherman is the dangers of the ocean. You can navigate your boat around the arch.
Catching fish and...

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The fact that there are still passionate individuals creating fresh and intriguing (and gorgeous!) games with new concepts or stories makes me happy; while I adore games with the Souls-like aesthetic, I wonder how many more there needs to be. (this is especially true when it turns out that only the very best examples are truly remarkable and a nice change) I am beyond psyched for this!


This is something I will get as soon as it is available because it is something fresh and innovative. Dredge is game that is shaping up to be incredible! Can't wait to get my game on. This looks incredible, and I can't get enough of games with art styles like this.


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If I am a fisherman and I survived an attack from a sea monster, I am going to change jobs because there is no way I will be back in the ocean.