[SELLING] Dragonwolf Collectibles Buy/Sell/Trade Thread


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Please check out our Ebay Store

New swag added all the time and they sell fast, so check back often!

Trade-In or Sell us your Toys, Games and Collectibles!
For years we've been helping people find sought-after collectibles. To meet demand, we're always looking to buy new & pre-owned toys, video games and collectibles. We can pay Paypal or Trade-In toward items from our store!

We're looking for:

Board Games - Any New, Classic or Vintage Game, etc.
Fisher Price - Little People, Pull Toys, etc.
Ghostbusters - Figures, Vehicles, Prototypes, etc.
GI Joe - Figures (12" and 3 3/4" 60s, 70s, 80s) and Vehicles
Heroscape - Master Sets, Expansion Sets, Land Pieces and Figures
Jurassic Park - Figures, Dinosaurs, Prototypes, Vehicles, etc.
Kenner Toys - prototype, pre-production, artwork, anything!
Legos - Old or New Complete Sets, Bulk Brick Lots, Collections
Magic the Gathering - Collections, Rares; please list rares
Power Rangers - Action Figures, Morphers, Transforming Megazords
Robots - Godaikin, Shogun Warriors; Any other Vintage or Japanese
Star Wars - Old or New
Tin Toys
Transformers - G1, G2, Classics, 3rd Party, Fansproject; Any New or Old
Video Games - Nintendo NES, Super SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Playstation; All Games & Consoles
Yugioh - Collections, Holos; please list holos
And any other vintage toys and games!

Even if it's not on our list, if you think we might be interested, please let us know.

DJ's Personal Collection: Wants
Below are my personal Wants. I'm willing to buy or trade for anything we have in the store. Unless agreed to prior, these need to be mint/near mint.

1. Goggle Five Robo's sword and shield
2. Dynaman DyJupiter 1x chrome antennae for the top
3. Bioman Bio Robo's hands, sword, and shield
4. Changeman Shuttle Base chrome antennae
5. Liveman Machine Buffalo chrome antennae
6. Fiveman Magmabase 2x head radar and 2x shoulder radar
7. MMPR Shogun Megazord Crane helmet
8. PR Turbo Megazord pink's zord
9. PR Turbo Rescue Megazord pink's zord
10. Lightspeed Rescue 2x Lightspeed Megazord red zord
11. Time Force Quantasaurus remote control and back-of-neck cover plate
12. DX Gaoranger Gao Shark and Gao Tiger
13. Ninja Storm Dolphin Zord
14. Dino Thunder Pteradactyl Zord

Sentai Pre-Zyuranger Mecha
1. Battle Fever J Big Scale Battle Shark
2. Denjiman Big Scale Denji Tiger
3. Denjiman DX Daidenjin
4. Sun Vulcan Big Scale Jaguar Vulcan
5. Goggle V Big Scale Goggle Caesar
6. Changeman DX Change Robo
7. Changeman Big Scale Shuttlebase
8. Flashman DX Flashking
9. Flashman Big Scale Star Condor
10. Flashman DX Titanboy
11. Maskman DX Land Galaxy Robo
12. Maskman Big Scale Turbo Ranger
13. Liveman Big Scale Machine Buffalo
14. Turboranger Big Scale Turbo Builder
15. Fiveman DX Tetra Boy

Power Ranger Megazords / Sentai Post-Zyuranger Mecha
1. DX Daizyujin
2. DX Daizyujin Black and Gold Ver.
3. DX Daizyujin Gold Chrome Ver.
4. DX Dragon Caesar
5. DX King Brachion
6. DX Daimugen
7. DX Kakure Daishogun
8. DX Ninjaman, Chrome Gold, Chrome Silver, Matte Gold, Matte Silver Ver.
9. DX Ohranger Robo
10. DX Red Puncher
11. DX King Pyramider
12. DX Gunmazin
13. Artillatron
14. DX RV Robo
15. DX VRV Robo
16. DX Sirender
17. DX Galaxy Mega
18. DX Galaxy Delta
19. DX Mega Voyager (japanese)
20. DX GingaiOh Black Ver.
21. Galaxy Megazord Black/Gold Ver.
22. Galaxy Megazord 14k Gold Special Edition
23. DX Ginga Rhinos
24. DX Ginga Phoenix
25. DX BullTaurus Silver Chrome Ver.
26. DX GingaBitus
27. DX Victory Robo
28. DX Liner Boy
29. DX Grand Liner
30. DX Max Victory Robo Project Sigma Ver.
31. DX Time Robo
32. DX Time Shadow (japanese)
33. DX V-Rex Robo
34. DX Tenraisenpuujin Black Ver.
35. DX Gao Icarus Chrome Ver.
36. DX Gao Ape (black) [incoming]
37. DX Gao Kong (silver chrome)
38. DX Gao Panda
39. DX Gao Lion (blue and white)
40. Power Spheres/Karakuri Balls 09, 12, 13 (green), 14
41. Clear Karakuri Balls 1-17
42. DX Senpuujin Gold Chrome Ver.
43. DX Gouraijin Gold Chrome Ver.
44. DX Abarenoh Lucky Draw Black Ver.
45. DX Revolver Mammoth Gold Chrome Ver.
46. DX Pakikero Knuckles Another Ver. and Chrome Ver.
47. DX Dimenokodon Another Ver., Chrome Ver., and Firenokodon
48. DX Parasaurokkiru Another Ver. and Chrome Ver.
49. DX Ankyloveilus Another Ver. and Chrome Ver.
50. DX Max Ouja Gold Chrome Ver.
51. DX Dekaranger Robo Black SPD Ver.
52. DX Dekaranger Robo Black Kanji Ver.
53. DX Dekaranger Robo Metallic Ver.
54. DX Dekawing Robo Hawk Ver.
55. DX Dekawing Robo Gold Chrome Ver.
56. DX Dekabase Robo Gold Chrome Ver.
57. DX Dekabase Robo Silver Chrome Ver.
58. DX Magiking Metallic Complete Edition
59. DX Magiking Madou Black/Purple Ver.
60. DX Magiking Gold Chrome Ver.
61. DX DaiVoyager [incoming]
62. DX Daibouken Silver Chrome Ver.
63. DX Super Daibouken Gold Chrome Ver.
64. DX Daibouken Yellow Drill, Shovel, and Mixer
65. DX Ultimate Daibouken Black & Gold Ver.
66. DX GekiTouja Gold Chrome Ver.
67. Go-Onger DX Engine Souls 2, 11, and 12
68. DX Engine-Oh Chrome Ver.
69. DX Skydor
70. DX Gunbiroh Black/White Ver.
71. Exotick Headders Orange, Purple and Green
72. DX Dragon Headder Red Clear Ver.
73. DX GoseiGreat Chrome Ver.
74. DX Seaick Brothers Chrome Ver.
75. DX Skyick Brothers Chrome Ver.
76. Super Robot Chogokin Shinkenoh
77. Super Robot Chogokin Magi King
78. Super Robot Chogokin DaiZyuJin

Kamen Rider
1. Figuarts Urataros
2. Figuarts Kintaros
3. Figuarts Ryutaros
4. Figuarts Sieg
5. Kamen Rider W DX Lost Driver
6. Kamen Rider W DX Skull Magnum
7. Kamen Rider W DX Fang Memory
8. Kamen Rider W DX Prism Bikker
9. Kamen Rider W T2 Joker Memory
10. Kamen Rider Fourze DX Meteor Driver
11. Kamen Rider Fourze DX Meteor Galaxy

1. Binaltech/Alternator Rodimus
2. Cassettes for G1 Soundwave and Blaster (Beastbox, Eject, Frenzy, Grandslam, Raindance, Rewind, Rumble, Slugfest, Squawktalk)
3. MP04 Masterpiece Convoy
4. MP09 Masterpiece Rodimus Version 02
5. MP11 Masterpiece Starscream
6. MP12 Sideswipe
7. MP13 Soundwave
8. MP14 Red Alert
9. Action Master Optimus Prime
10. Machine Wars Optimus Prime
11. G2 Laser Optimus Prime
12. G2 Hero Optimus Prime
13. Armada Optimus Prime (not Powerlinx)
14. e-hobby Orion Pax
15. Robot Masters Optimus Primal
16. Robot Masters Lio Convoy
17. Reveal the Shield G2 Optimus
18. Animated Waspinator
19. Animated Wreck-Gar
20. Fansproject Warbot Defender
21. TFC Toys Hercules & Rage of Hercules Add-On
22. BBTS Exclusive Seacons
23. Knight Morpher Cyclops
24. Encore Devastator
25. Kreo Large Optimus Prime
26. Generations Springer
27. Generations Wheelie

Thanks for looking!
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How can you people run Ebay stores and ask so much for items that aren't worth that much and aren't that hard to find?

And BBTS has the Portal Gun replica for about $140 shipped on Pre order and it comes with the parts to make it Atlas/P-body version aswell as it makes the same sounds and even lights up with their portal colors.


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Really don't know where you're getting your data from. We always try to keep our prices the lowest on ebay, and whenever we find discrepancies, we change the prices to keep them that way.

If you're worried about the upcoming Portal Gun, then I recommend you preorder it because the prices of the Neca guns have historically risen to more than double the preorder prices within 15 minutes of the (very) limited release of those guns.


How can you people run Ebay stores and ask so much for items that aren't worth that much and aren't that hard to find?

And BBTS has the Portal Gun replica for about $140 shipped on Pre order and it comes with the parts to make it Atlas/P-body version aswell as it makes the same sounds and even lights up with their portal colors.
A search of his completed listings show that his items are indeed selling.

And coming from someone who has run ebay stores in the past, no matter how expensive an item may be, SOMEONE will most likely make an offer for it or buy it eventually.

You need to remember that once the cheaper priced items dry up, the high priced ones are all that are left.


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He said that they aren't hard to find. Reading his post, it seems that wolfknight would sell something that already is available elsewhere for more money.


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He's just trolling everyone with an ebay related thread tonight if you read his other posts. Has something personal against ebay I guess lol.


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New items for sale on the ebay page!

Time Force Megazord
Lightspeed Megazord
Max Solarzord
Turbo Rescue Megazord
Storm Power Megazord
Thunder Power Megazord
Samurai Star Megazord
Lost Galaxy Megazord with the Lights of Ginga set
Centaurus Megazord
Mega Winger
Astro Megazord
Red Battlezord
Super Zeo Megazord
He's just trolling everyone with an ebay related thread tonight if you read his other posts. Has something personal against ebay I guess lol.

Not really, just amused people ask inifnite for **** aswell as confused why people go to every forum board and spam their ebay store links..to each his own i guess.


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Well, like the other guy said in the other forum, doesn't look like you've been around long. Welcome to the collector's market. There was a point I couldn't afford anything either. You either sit around blaming everyone else, or you get up and do something about it. Same goes for life in general, brother. To each their own indeed.

Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
Keriasmadness: See the title of this section of the froum? It is called "Commerce Planet and The Masters of the Toyverse"

Keyword there is "Commerce"

Know what that word means? Let me break it down for you.

com·merce   [kom-ers]
an interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale between different countries (foreign commerce) or between different parts of the same country (domestic commerce); trade; business.

the activity embracing all forms of the purchase and sale of goods and services

See trade.

See that? This is a place to buy and sell one's stuff. Why is it you have a problem with that? If you dont like their prices, DONT BUY IT! Dont go bitching that you THINK their prices might be too high.


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New items are up!

MMPR Season 2 Thunder Ultrazord
SPD Delta Megazord complete
SPD Omega Megazord complete
SPD Command Base Megazord complete
SPD Supreme Megazord complete
SPD Blast Buggy complete
Dragonzord Cod Piece
Titanus Chain
Samurai Star Megazord in box
Wild Force Giant Red Lion
Candy Toy Ranger Keys: Go-Buster Red, Go-On Wings, Dekamaster, Gosei Knight, Big One
Time Force Megazord complete
Time Shadow Megazord complete
Jungle Pride Megazord complete


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New items are up!

Auric the Conqueror Zord complete
Battleship Board Game 1967 Ver.
Boukenger DX GoGo Drill, Crane, Mixer, Excavator
Hurricanger DX Senpuujin complete
Lightspeed Rescue Max Solarzord complete
Lightspeed Rescue Omega Megazord
Lost Galaxy Stratoforce Megazord complete
Mighty Morphin Shogun Megazord complete
Mighty Morphin Battle Borgs set of 5
Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime
Turbo Megazord
Wild Force Kongazord w/ chain
Wild Force Megazord complete
Wild Force Animus Megazord complete
Wild Force Isis Megazord
Wild Force Red Gorilla zord
Zeo Megazord 99% complete


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New items are up!

PR / Sentai
DX Buster Hercules Set MISB
Ultimus Megazord
Thunder Megazord
Yutaka Won Tiger Figure

TRU Exclusive Insecticons 3 Pack MISB
Cybertron Optimus Prime
Classics Optimus Prime
Beast Wars Optimus Primal
Beast Wars Second Lio Convoy
Transmetal Optimus Primal
Optimal Optimus

Video Games
NES Ducktales
NES Batman Return of the Joker
NES Bubble Bobble
NES Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers
NES Tale Spin
NES Tecmo Super Bowl
NES Sky Shark
NES Mega Man 3
NES Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Diecast Cars
2 Huge Micro Machine Lots
1 Huge Hot Wheels/Matchbox Lot
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New items are up!
Holiday Sale! See Item Descriptions!

PR / Sentai
SPD Delta Command Base Megazord
Space Delta Megazord
Custom Gold Morpher with Powerprops Tiger Coin
Loose Muteki Shogun
Thunder Megazord / Custom Dairenoh & White Tigerzord set
Titanus / Custom King Brachion
Dragonzord / Custom Dragon Caesar
Dino Megazord / Custom Daizyujin
Astro Galactic Megazord ($.99 auction begins tonight at 9 : 30 PST)


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New items are up!
Holiday Sale! See Item Descriptions!

PR / Sentai
Ninja Storm Deluxe Thunder Power Megazord
• DX Shinkenoh
• DX Daikaioh
• DX Ika Origami
• DX Tora / Kajiki / Kabuto Origami DaiTenkuu Set
• DX Mougyudaioh
• DX Kyoryu Origami


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New items are up!
Holiday Sale! See Item Descriptions!

Power Rangers / Super Sentai
Thunder Megazord Chrome Ver.
Power Morpher Custom (Dragon Buckler)
Tor the Shuttlezord Complete
Power Ranger Samurai Deluxe Gigazord Set

Video Games
Super Baseball 2020
Killer Instinct
Super Mario RPG
Zelda Link to the Past
Nobunaga's Ambition
Tecmo Super Bowl
Super Mario World
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario All-Stars
Ken Griffy Jr. MLB

Duck Tales
Tecmo Super Bowl