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UK-based retro development studio Spacebot has just released their adventure RPG Dragonborne on Steam.
Kurtis was once the world’s greatest dragon slayer…but now he’s gone missing. As Kris, Kurtis’s own son, no one wants to find out what happened more than you. Traversing a world of pixelated visuals reminiscent of Pokemon or Link’s Awakening, you’ll search for the truth through the land’s most perilous dungeons…and given the name, you can be assured there will be dragons. Dragonborne packs plenty of tasks into ten (average estimate) hours of gameplay..there are things to find and collect, upgrades for your weapons and armor, and even multiple endings to unlock.
If Dragonborne looks a little GREEN to you, there’s a reason…the game was originally developed for Game Boy (just like The Shapeshifter will be). If you’re interested in THAT version, Spacebot still has physical copies in stock...
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