Dragon Quest-like Show to Start Soon

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
Posting this here since it seems tokusatsu-like (though I'm not sure)

27-year-old acor Takayuki Yamada (Densha Otoko/Train Man film, H2: Kimi to Ita Hibi) will star in a "Dragon Quest-style" live-action television series called Yūsha Yoshihiko to Maō no Shiro (The Hero Yoshihiko and the Devil King's Castle) starting on July 8 on the TV Tokyo network. Yūïchi Fukuda (live-action One-Pound Gospel, Saru Lock) is writing and directing this project, which is Yamada's first starring role in a live-action television series.


When The Fruit Of Life Corrupts Men
Sounds very VERY interesting

I'll certainly give it a watch once some raws surface or if somebody finds out what time it's airing so I can watch it on Keyhole

Mr G

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I'd like to watch this as well. Here's hoping for some raws to surface in the future. :thumbs: