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Plot: Long, long ago the land of Veilos came under attack from a Great Darkness. Try as they might the armies of Veilos could not repel this vile enemy. However the people refused to lose hope and prayed that the Seven Guardian Beasts of Veilos would arrive to save them. One day a great roar was heard. All of a sudden a gigantic Silver Dragon and six other magnificent beasts appeared. These were the Guardian Beasts. For many days and nights the Guardian Beasts fought their enemy until they finally destroyed it. Their task complete the Guardian Beasts went their separate ways and died and their bodies sank into the ground. However before he died the Dragon instructed the people of Veilos to build a town over his body and it would receive his blessing of protection. The people of Veilos did just that and along with that they built a castle. The town was named in honor of their savior: ShinRyu.

100 Years have passed since then and peace still prospers in the Land of Veilos. However on fateful day a dimensional crack opened over ShinRyu Castle Town releasing The Phantom Demon Kingdom: Larvaos. Vile Beings from another dimension bent on conquering Veilos. During the first attack a young man named Gear stumbles upon a secret tunnel beneath the town and discovers the body of ShinRyu. Gear prays to ShinRyu to be reborn and ShinRyu revives as a Bio-Mechanical dragon that has the ability to transform into into a more humanoid form. ShinRyu them beams Gear aboard himself and takes him on as his partner and pilot. Together they defeat the initial and invasion force and after the fight Gear is brought before the King Veilos.

The King instructs him to journey with six other people from the towns built above the other Guardian Knights to find and revive the other six Guardian Beasts and defeat the Larvaos. A New and Exciting Legend is about to be Born!


No Godmoding

Mild Swearing is permitted but cursing is not allowed. (More of a guideline then a rule)

There is no minimum of sentences but the maximum is three paragraphs.

NPC's and Villains are playable by everyone.

Only one character per person.

The Guardian Knights:

Dragon Knight: ShinRyu: The King of The Guardian Knights. In Beast Form he takes the form a Silver Dragon. In Knight Form his weapon is the ShinRyu Blade. He later evolves to Dragon Saint: ShinRyuOh and then later to Dragon Kaiser: ShinRyuJin.
ShinRyu Slash: A powerful slash.
Dragon Crush: Traps his enemies within a sphere of fire which he follows up with three Slashes with the ShinRyu Blade and then ends it by clamping his left hand shut which causes the sphere to explode.
Dragon Nova: Covers his body in energy and then charges through his enemies.
Dragon Buster: Unleashes a powerful stream of blue fire from his mouth that has the head of a Dragon at the front of it.

Mystic Knight: Phoenix: The Magician of The Knights. In Beast Form she takes the form of a crimson Phoenix. In her Knight Form her weapon is Houou Staff. She later evolves into Mystic Saint: Phoenix and then later to Mystic Kaiser: HouRyuJin.
Fire Boomerang: Covers the Houou Staff with fire and then throws it like a boomerang.
Phoenix Trap: Creates a circle of fire with the Japanese symbol for fire within it that traps her enemies. She then slides two fingers across the air which causes a pillar of fire to erupt from within the circle.

Beast Knight: Cerberus: The Fiercest of The Knights. In Beast Form he takes the form of the Three Headed Guard Dog of Hades. In Knight Form his weapon is the Tartarus Cannon a powerful energy cannon built into his chest. He later evolves into Beast Saint: Cerberus
Tartarus Cannon: Fires the Tartarus Cannon.
Cry of the Demons: Fires two spheres of darkness from the two Cerberus heads on his shoulders which drag his foes towards him where he fires the Tartarus Cannon at point blank range.

Sky Knight: Pegasus: The Fastest of The Knights. In Beast Form he takes the form of The Legendary Winged Horse. In Knight Form his weapon is the Sky Lancer. He later evolves into Sky Saint: Pegasus.
Sky Dash: Runs his foes through with the Sky Lancer.
Sky Calamity: Traps his foes in a tornado of razor sharp wind and then runs them through with the Sky Lancer.

Sea Knight: Leviathan: The Wisest of the Knights. In Beast Form it takes the form of Blue Sea Serpent. In Knight Form his weapon is Neptune's Trident. He later evolves into Sea Saint: Leviathan.
Neptune Thunder: Shoots a bolt of electricity from Neptune's Trident.
Storm Crusher: Traps his foes in a sphere of water which he then blasts with electricity from Neptune's Trident.

Land Knight: Behemoth: The Most Powerful of The Knights. In Beast Form he takes the form a strange bull-like creature. In Knight Form his weapon is Vulcan's Mallet. He later evolves into Land Saint: Behemoth.
Vulcan Crusher: Smashes his foes with Vulcan's Mallet.
Ground Crasher: Traps his foe within a sphere of earth which he then destroys with Vulcan's Mallet causing a explosion.

Holy Knight: Shisa: The Wildest of the Knights. In beast form he takes the form of the Legendary Lion Dogs. In Knight Mode he wields the Guardian Reflector. He later evolves into Holy Saint: Shisa.
Reflector Boomerang: Throws the Guardian Reflector like a boomerang.
Heaven Striker: Traps his enemies within a beam of light and then drop kicks them.
Roar Buster: Opens up his face plate to reveal his mouth. He then begins charging up energy which he then unleashes by roaring. The Energy takes the form of a powerful energy beam that has the head of a Shisa at the front of it.

You can come up with more attacks for your Knight. Just let me know ahead of time please.

Sign Up Skeleton:

Age: (Teenager to Adult)
Race: (Human, Elf, Dawrf, Beastman)
Guardian Knight: (Phoenix and Shisa's pilots must be female)

My Character:
Name: Gear
Age: 18
Race: Human
Personality: Kind and Caring, Strong sense of Justice despite not being very brave, Afraid of letting his family down, Will never back down despite his lack of confidence.
Guardian Knight: ShinRyu

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