Dragon Ball Z Arena

With the newest dragon ball z movie; battle of gods out i got bit by the nostalgia bug and had to search out and join a new dbz rp fortunately what i found has so far been the best I've ever seen. Here's what the has to say about the forum.


The world is at peace. Citizens are blissfully unaware of the shady doings of Evil, and the Heroes finally have a chance to relax in safety. Or, so it seems. Above this display of peace, tournaments, and regal ceremonies, lies a cataclysmic battle, raging on constantly, for control of the universe. Across the galaxy, fighters are taking sides, and preparing for the all out conflict that will eventually decide the fate of all, including Planet Earth. With looming threats on the horizon, and even more powerful foes emerging under the safety of "peacetime", will these powerful rivals have to unite for a common cause? Or will they simply destroy each other, until none remain?

DragonBall Z Arena offers 23 unique planets to travel between, and annual world tournaments in which to test your power, along with a friendly and helpful community where your questions will be answered quickly, and easily. This, alongside Discussion boards, and a GFX proficient members, with a board dedicated to the practice.

Create and hone your own attacks as you grow more in experience in the rpg.

Power up with over 15 race specific Transformations,

Do devastating damage and strategize your techniques to overcome your foe with our SOPHISTICATED battle system,

Player vs Player oriented game play, with aspects of role-playing to spice up every battle.

Explore the world with our ADVENTURE system,

Hunt for the Dragon Balls,

Tear up the galaxy in a variety of space vessels,

Socialize with other players from around the globe,

and prepare yourself for our MAIN SAGA EVENT which occur periodcally.[/HIDE]

Hope to see you there.
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