Dragon Ball vs Ghost Fighter

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Dragon Ball and Ghost Fighter were two very famous Japanese anime series during the 90s. They both featured individuals with super powers. Take for instance Son Gokou and his Kame Hame Wave and Eugene with his Ray Gun.

I personally liked watching both anime but I think that Ghost Fighter stands out more than Dragon Ball because of its story and fight scenes. The story of Ghost Fighter is well thought out and the fight scenes are more intense.

Which anime do you prefer - Dragon Ball or Ghost Fighter?


I am so biased because I never watched Dragon Ball but I grew up with Ghost Fighter, so I am on team Ghost Fighter all the way if only for the nostalgia factor.

I kept hearing about Dragon Ball, though. Sometimes I'd catch part of an episode and it seemed to have some emotional moment or other, but nothing that really grabbed me by the collar and went, "You've got to see what happens next!"

Since Dragon Ball has grown to be one of the great all-time anime classics, I should really sit down and watch the whole thing through. I agree, though that Ghost Fighter is underrated even without being compared to another anime. Ghost Fighter deserves more attention and appreciation.