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Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes released its first trailer. This is going to be a new story and it is not an adaptation of the manga arcs of super.
Pan is now a Toddler. She is now undergoing some training from Piccolo. A very interesting scene because Piccolo also trained her dad Gohan. Her personality is very different from her Dragonball GT counterpart. This film is going to be the first CGI Dragon Ball movie. Usually, when Dragonball IP is in 3d, it’s in video games. The graphics still have the Akira Toriyama art style but only in 2.5d. We will have a break from Aliens and Gods because the villains of this movie will be more grounded.
The Red Ribbon Army will be the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes. So a new batch of Androids will be the villains again. Even after the defeat of Cell and the defection of Android 18 and 17. The Red Ribbon Army is still alive lurking in the...
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