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It will only be a few days until Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is released in Japan…but what about the rest of the world? Today we got answers regarding that…Crunchyroll has revealed the movie will hit US theaters August 19.
Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Zambia and Vietnam will get it that same day. Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Central America, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay will get it one day earlier, while India and Indonesia will get it August 26 and Malaysia and Brunei will get it August 30. I could go on, but you get the idea.
The majority of our readers are from the Western world and will get the latest DBS movie on the 19th of August. Crunchyroll also revealed the English dub voice cast today, and as expected, it contains mostly returning actors, but a few new ones to play extra characters:
Son Gohan – Kyle Hebert
Son Goku – Sean Schemmel
Son Goten – Robert McCollum
Piccolo – Christopher R. Sabat...

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I'm looking forward to seeing this in IMAX. Super Broly is my absolute favorite. In sub, I saw it twice. DB movies, in my opinion, should be as action-packed as Broly. Bardock's tale was likewise well-written for a DB film. Broly was a ten out of ten for me. I'm sure this won't be a 10/10, but I'm hoping I'll still enjoy it. Battle of Gods and Resurrect F were both disappointing.
I'm really looking forward to this.


Force From The Future!
Some People do not like the 2d direction but I can tolerate it.I like the 3d graphics, however I think the color palette and/or color texture could have been adjusted to make it feel more 2D and original Dragon Ball animation.


Please allow Gohan to reach the level that we all desire. It makes no difference how difficult it is for him or how long it takes. I want to see him kick some major gamma butts.

Oni Queen

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I will just wait for it to be released in Crunchy Roll or Netflix. I am still afraid of Covid so I won't go to theaters.


Blinding Lights
Pan got an annoying Portrayal in GT, Hope this movie will redeem her. Her Dad deserves redeeming too because Toriyama had turned him into a Beta Male.


What does the Fox say?
There is a lot of hype and buzz surrounding this anime project. It says it will be available in the U.S. and Canada at 2,300 theaters and select Imax venues. But does anybody know if I can stream it? I can download the Crunchyroll app on my Fire TV.

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