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Dirk the Daring has been shrunk to the size of a pencil! How will he defeat Singe and save Daphne now? Oh wait…they’re also the same size, so everything’s proportionate.
Dragon’s Lair is one of the hardest classic arcade units to keep running, because it’s not powered by a chipset like most other machines…it was basically a Laserdisc in a box. The Dragon’s Lair RepliCade is far easier to take care of and also much cheaper. This is because it’s twelve inches tall, or one-sixth the size of the original.
Are RepliCade games truly playable at that size? I’ve argued before the point of these things is just to collect them, but I got to try one out (the Centipede machine) at Portland Retro Gaming Expo. The trackball was smaller than my thumb, but it worked well enough. Tough dodging the spider at that size, though. They also had the Dragon’s Lair unit operational and demo-able, but someone else hogged it. It works just like the real thing does, including the digital scoreboard display at...
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