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This year marks the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma, the action RPG released by Capcom for PS3 and 360. It was one of the first attempts by a Japanese studio to mimic the Western RPG style — nameless protagonist, lots and lots of places to explore, realistic visuals, etc — and though it wasn’t a smash hit, it was successful enough for Capcom to think about a follow-up at some point.
That day is today: introducing Dragon’s Dogma II. The original game’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, appeared in a YouTube livestream (archived below) to discuss his past as a developer, his history with the original game and his hopes for the new one. He revealed that Dragon’s Dogma II would be made with Capcom’s internal RE Engine, but not much else other than that (the game’s early).
Itsuno says he had been thinking about creating a game like Dragon’s Dogma since back in 2000. At the time, he’d been assigned to the Devil May Cry series, and worked on the second, third and fourth games, but all the...

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One of the most underappreciated games of the year 2012, if not the decade. As much as I despise the Netflix adaptation, I recognize it as a sign that the franchise is getting a new game. This will be fantastic if they can properly develop out all of the ideas from the original game. I'm excited. It was well-deserved. This is a fantastic game. Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Dragon's Dogma are all masterpieces that should be carried around with them at all times, true gems.

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I still can't believe how many gamers slept on Dragon's Dogma; it's honestly one of the best JRPGs of all time. Legend of Dragoon would take second place. Also thrilled to see it return! Man, this is really wonderful news, and fan reactions reminded me of a child on Christmas morning.


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So Happy for Dragon's Dogma fans because Capcom finally gave them some love. I hope Darkstalkers and Dino Crisis fans can get some of that love too. Capcom, We are Worthy of your love too. Love us!


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Fate rewards the patient. Finally Capcom made a sequel for a Game that is not Street Fighter,Resident Evil and Monster Hunter because Capcom focuses on them way too much when they have a deep library of franchises that needs attention.


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The Netflix show might have high ratings that it inspired Capcom to make a sequel. This franchise was in Limbo for a long time and out of nowhere a sequel.

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