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Madeline Everleigh

Staff member
Drag Den is a new drag competition coming to Amazon Prime video. It is hosted by Manila Luzon. She is  Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 2 runner-up and fan favorite of  All Stars 4  Fans still believe that she got robbed on that All Star Season because she was a threat to win. When there are rumors that Drag Race will have a franchise in the Philippines. Fans assume Manila to be hosting or judging it  but Paolo Ballesteros and Jiggly Caliente got the gig.
She never received that job offer. Manila accepted the offer to host Drag Den instead. Because she is of Filipino lineage, this popular America Drag Queen wishes to give back to her roots. RuPaul decided to open auditions for Drag Race Philippines two days after the announcement for Drag Den. Rather than being upset, Manila expressed gratitude for the two shows that provide opportunities for the...

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My style's all Brit and the Yanks can't nic,
The queens on this show appear more polished, and the production values and cinematography appear to be of a much higher caliber than on Drag Race Philippines,Drag Race UK and Drag Race Down Under. Seriously the Queens of UK don't even win money. They win badges.


I assumed this event was postponed because a competing show debuted earlier. I'm so excited about this
that I can't stop myself. Healthy competition is always exciting to watch, so I really hope this show is a success

Blaire Courttney

Future Squid Game winner
LOL yeah UK doesn't have cash prizes for the Queens. That's why in girl group challenges multiple girls win badges. Those Badges are probably 99 penny to make.


Serving Lewks
I had no idea if it was still going on, but here we are, and I couldn't be happier. As a result, Manila's elimination from Allstars was a blessing in disguise because it led to her achieving greater success than the girl who voted for her elimination. What was her name again? LOL

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