Doom Patrol And Titans Cancelled By HBO Max


<p>It’s not exactly earth-shattering news if you’ve been following the headlines, but Warner Bros has just confirmed the fourth seasons of DC shows Doom Patrol and Titans will be the last of each. Though these shows have their fans — Doom Patrol especially — WB’s clean sweep of all disconnected DC programs in favor of a unified Gunnverse makes their continued existences impossible. Also, everything is getting cancelled at HBO Max anyway.</p>


Is this real cancelation or are they going to be given a chance to wrap it up like they did to Stargirl?


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This is why I am pirating The last of US, I just dont have the confidence to give HBO Max money after their recent actions.

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Titans is Trash so I am not interested on that show but losing Doom Patrol Sucks. It is a catalyst on helping Brendan Fraser to comeback.


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This show could have benifited from Brendan Fraser's Award nominations. Stupid Idea to cancel Doom Patrol.


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I believe Doom Patrol is not canceled. The Show runners said they want a 4 season run. So I trust they can get that ending.

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This was always going to happen as the DCU must take over and all the current DC shows must end. I really hope Gunn will give us his schedule soon because January is almost over and all we have left to look forward to is more delays. I'm not particularly happy, but I'm also not upset. They didn't seem likely to make it this far, to be honest. There were no hiccups during the race. Remember that DC Universe, which is no longer an active streaming service, was where these shows first debuted. Actually, much longer than I had expected. For better or worse, both were innovative approaches to the superhero genre that broadened the expectations viewers had of a superhero property. Greetings to the Titans and Doom Patrol!


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While Titans haven't really been missed, it's unfortunate for Doom Patrol. I pray that they can salvage what they can from the things they cancel and wish them luck for the future. Although I've never found Cyborg particularly interesting, I found his backstory in Doom Patrol to be fascinating. The Titans' construction took a while. however, the Doomsday Protective Service I'm so sorry to hear that.


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I didnt watch because I have to wait for both of them to end before I can watch them. I avoid ongoing shows because cancellations are annoying. I made the right decision to skip.

The Last of Us: Season 2 was just recently released, while Season 2 of House of Dragon is still in the works ( whatever that time frame is). I can't keep my HBO Max subscription just because one show is on. Unless, of course, they seize Lois Lane and Superman for HBO Max subscribers only. S/L is the only remaining project from Berlanti's television and film slate. coincidence?

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It's possible that the creators of Doom Patrol wouldn't have fought to keep the show on the air if they'd known it was going to be canceled, given that they'd already stated they wanted it to run for four seasons. The cancellation of Titans is upsetting, but the end of Doom Patrol is even more of a blow to the DC Comics universe. It is not without its redeeming qualities, but on the whole, it is not a very good thing. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the new DCU has an interesting take on the Titans.


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Since I can remember, Doom Patrol has been one of my favorite comic book adaptations, and I'm astonished by how well the show has done. It would be devastating for me to see it end. Doom Patrol should be given another season, in my opinion. At least we aren't starting from scratch, though. And it's a real shame because Rita was someone I really liked.
I believe Titans was canceled because James Gunn wants to turn the series into a movie. I dare say the next Teen Titans film should have a significantly more optimistic tone than the previous ones, and that it should be made into a movie. My biggest issue with Titans was that the other Titans, such as Beast Boy, Cyborg, and even Starfire, lightened the mood in contrast to Raven and Robin, who kept it serious when it needed to be. Of course, the presence of a character like Raven necessitates a darker tone at times, what with Trigon and all. That was one thing the cartoon got right.


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Titans ought to have a fun atmosphere, much like the Guardians of the Galaxy films.
It's too ideal, and it might make it easier for them to connect with children who grew up watching the show in the 2000s.
It was decided to make it very dark, which made it impossible to watch the show.


Only Superman and Lois, Pennyworth, and Peacemaker remain in the DC live-action TV lineup after these cancellations and the end of The Flash. The new management cancels every DC show after we get a live-action Superman show with Superman in it. I don't think it's fair.


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Doom Patrol is one of my all-time favorite shows, despite occasionally driving me insane. The showrunners have already decided to end the show after four seasons, so it is time to move on. Titans had the potential to be a fantastic show, and the first season was excellent. This bothers me not at all. Everything quickly deteriorated after that, with the third season being the worst. Despite the fact that all of the actors are excellent, the script falls short.


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Welcome to the graveyard! Some people say that Netflix is the graveyard of canceled shows. Maybe the Doom Patrol and Titans episodes will be streamed there.


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I can't believe it, Doom Patrol and Titans are cancelled by HBO Max! These shows were my absolute favorite, I loved Rita and Cliff's characters so much. I just wish I was a billionaire so I could save all these cancelled shows. It's so unfair, I really hope these characters will be reintroduced in the DCU somehow. Why do all the good shows have to go

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