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movies and TV, the contribution of the hair and make-up artists is often overlooked. Viewers take for granted the fact that their favorite actors and on-air personalities look fabulous, but it is professionals like Donald Mowat, with a 40 year history in business, who create the iconic looks that define our big and small screen idols.
Donald Mowat has risen through the ranks of television and film to what many would consider the pinnacle of both industries, as the Head of Department for Make-Up, Hair and Prosthetics on the latest Marvel Studios Disney+ mini-series, Moon Knight. In this interview, we explore not only his recent achievements, but the interesting projects from his past that got the veteran make-up artist to this point.

Adam Pope: You’ve been involved in many large-scale productions over the years, but certainly all-eyes are always on the next...

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He worked for the early 2000s Planet of the Apes! I like the make up of that movie. Its sad that these days movies rely on CGI instead of the magic of make up.


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I love how his career started with cheap B movies then as years progressed the projects becomes bigger and bigger. I loved his work in Moon Knight.

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