Don’t Worry Darling is a horror movie directorial debut of Olivia Wilde. The actress turned director shows promise in the horror genre because the trailer puts dread to a different level. She also played a role in this film because it saved her cash from hiring an actress.
It is also the acting debut of former One Direction member Harry Styles. The main male character of the movie franchise “After” is based on fanfiction about him. Now it is ironic that he plays a character similar to Hardin Scott. It is also interesting that we have two British leads in a movie playing American characters. Their American accents are impressive that if I don’t know who they are, I will really think they are American. If you loved Chris Pine in the two Wonder Woman movies, You would...

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Harry is all grown up now, He is not the cute boy from One Direction anymore. Time is really running fast.


There is an Irony having two British lead actors faking an American Accent. This is the first time I heard Harry Styles with American accent.


This movie looks suspiciously like that Nicole Kidman film and another series whose name I can't recall right now. This premise has been done so many times before, so I'm hoping Olivia will do something different, but that doesn't appear to be the case based on the trailer alone.


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I'm used to seeing Florence Pugh in wholesome roles.
I find it strange to see her in romantic moments.
Is it just me, or did many cast members appear in a Marvel/DC film?
What if it's the current day, and males are keeping women from the 1950s to keep them from becoming self-sufficient? Since the storyline states that this is an experimental colony, it appears that these ladies have been indoctrinated.


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Florence needed to be careful on her next onscreen boyfriends. Her men keep dragging her back into cults, first in Midsommar and now in this film. Harry Styles is undoubtedly one of the film's antagonists.
Since Dunkirk, he's come a long way in acting. Olivia Wilde is not an exceptionally talented actor. But damn, she looks gifted as a director. Even book smart was pretty good, but sadly it didn't do well at the Box office.


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British actors always have impressive American accents. So that's no surprise. If this movie is a sort of "spin" on the Stepford Wives, count me out. I didn't like the 1st movie which is I did not bother to watch the remake with Nicole Kidman. But I have to Olivia Wilder credit for being business savvy enough to hire herself.