Doll Shark is so Cuddly but it is no Baby Shark!

Seth Larson

<p>Doll Shark is set to be released on DVD,Bluray and even VHS on April 23rd. The Chucky television series and M3GAN, the TikTok dancing movie blockbuster, are largely to blame for the renewed fascination in killer dolls. Porcelain and plastic dolls appeared to be the most prevalent sorts of dolls used in horror stories. They are a fantastic source of horror content due to the uncanny valley effect. However, there is one type of doll that is only seldom mentioned in horror stories. I’m talking about stuffed animals! We hold them when we are sad and hopeless because they are warm and comforting. Even if I am an adult, I cannot deny the presence of a massive teddy bear in my bed. Plush toys, unlike their human-like plastic cousins, never endanger their owners.</p>


Ariel's Bestfriend
I had seen horror movies made by third world countries with better production than this. This movie looks like it was filmed with an Android Phone. Also the fake Blood looks fake AF.


New Member
I think I know why they only sell Physical copies. No streaming service will want to be associated with this. I don't even think someone will bother to pirate this piece of disaster.


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The fact that sharks don't actually hunt humans makes shark flicks one of my least favorite genres of film. More individuals die as a result of accidental selfies than are killed by sharks. Because sharks consume only the sick and injured fish, the environment benefits greatly from their presence. This ensures that only the robust species of fish are able to reproduce. They maintain a healthy balance in the fish population.

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