Does knowing the ending of a show prevent you from watching it?


Title of the thread says it all. Have you guys feel like not watching a show because you already know the ending to it? (I like to keep this discussion towards tokusatsu).

For me, I've been spoiled the ending of Ryuki and Blade, and aside from other problems I have with the shows, I don't feel the need to watch them. Have you guys ever felt this way?


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Depends on the show. If it's one I'm interested in, then no, I'll still watch it.

If it's not, that's probably the reason why I would spoil myself instead of watching it.


I don't spoil any shows for myself, but I do read up on the spoilers for any tokusatsu movie.
It doesn't deter me from waiting 6 months to watch them, instead they make me eager to watch the movies.

In a sense this could apply to shows since seeing it in action is different than reading the spoilers.
Especially since spoilers usually omit certain things that happen on the show, such as a play by play of awesome fight scenes, or certain emotions portrayed by the actors/actresses.


strangley it makes me want to see the ending more example TV Tropes spoiled the end of GARO and for some reason it made me wanna see the bittersweet ending played out instead of just reading it.


Why would you allow yourself or another to spoil those shows?

It wasn't intentional. HJU Radio many times spoiled the ending of shows, esp. Blade. Not that I'm blaming them, but it is kinda a bummer when someone reveals the ending of a show.


I think not. Yes it will spoil the fun, but it makes me wonder how the story came to that end. So i guess it wont prevent me from watching.


Hmm... Interesting responses guys. I guess it's the ride that makes or breaks a show than the ending.

I just feel really bad that I could not get into Ryuki and Blade, and knowing the ending of those shows does not motivate me to watch them.


Kind of hard to miss spoilers for shows that have been off the air for years... But I try to avoid knowing how a show ends before I get there, so I can't really remember a time where this applies.

But I can say that I've watched shows (or played games *cough*) that when I finally get to their craptastic endings, I want my time back. No matter how enjoyable the ride. So, yeah, I think knowing the ending of a show would prevent me from watching it.

004Brave, don't feel bad. No reason to. People may say you are missing out on something great, but you know what I tell myself? There are other great things out there, I don't have time to waste on something I know will only be partially satisfying. :)


knowing the ending could give you a different taste in watching a series but the finale isn't the series itself...

blade was shown here on tv but i wasn't able to really follow it like ryuuki due to schedule conflicts... i have seen the final episode and i saw those riders being emo with each other due to the main guys heroic sacrifice... but after watching the whole series despite knowing the ending, kenzaki's sacrifice weighted more to it...

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