Video Games Does Anybody Still Play Sim City?


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Sim City is one of my all time favorite games. I'm just wondering if there are people still playing it. It would be nice if it has a multiplayer function where each neighboring town is being handled by another player altogether. I haven't checked out the newer versions of this game so I don;t really know if they had made this possible already.
I havent played that game since I was a kid. It was great and it is actually a reminder to maybe get back and try it again. Thanks for the reminder.


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I sometimes like to pull out Sim City 3000 and give it a whirl. I haven't liked any of the games since, though.

I also love the music of it:


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I have never played but I heard it was extremely addictive. I enjoyed watching old youtube videos of sim games with music... They were so creative.:p


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Me! I never really remove it from my system since it's hard to uninstall/reinstall unlike most other games (or maybe it's just me?). And every now and then I get the craving to play some SimCity. So I'm always set.


Haven't played it for a long time but a few days ago I thought about playing Sim City 2000 again. Awesome game with so much great memories.