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I don't normally watch documentary TV shows or movies, but l have found documentary shows and movies are quite good. I am currently following "Paranormal Witness", which is an awesome TV show! It sure has changed the way I think about documentary shows and films. Do you like to watch documentary TV shows or movies? If so, what your favorite documentary show or movie?
My favourite documentary series is the Neil deGrasse Tyson hosted COSMOS: A Spacetime Odessey, airing on FOX and The National Geographic Channel. Thus far, I think that it's absolutely phenomenal and a worthy successor to the revolutionary Carl Sagan hosted COSMOS: A Personal Journey series that first premièred on PBS 34 years ago! I share Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss' hope that this second COSMOS series is as successful and influential as the first was a generation ago. That it proves that there is a place for science non-fiction edutainment on prime-time, and is followed by other such programs more regularly than every 34 years! And most importantly of all, that it increases scientific literacy among the general populace and moreover inspires a new generation to embrace scientific pursuits. We need this is if we are to properly tackle the complex, more technological problems that we now-and-will face and moreover continue the past 400 years of truly impressive progress we have made as species, currently confined to that spaceship called Earth and looking outwards (and inwards as well) in wonder.

I also love VICE's truly impressive global tele-journalism series, whose second season is currently airing on HBO. I think it is by far the bravest and most daring investigative tele-journalism series out there! I was quite impressed by the first season, whose quality, audacity, and depth dramatically stood out from the timid background that are the vast majority of other tele-journalism series! Thus far, the second season is more of the same!

I would also like to mention the Tony Robinson hosted The Worst Jobs in History, which aired on BBC 4 (and can be found on YouTube). It quite amusing and interestingly examined some of the most shockingly dreadful occupations throughout history (mainly focusing upon European, especially British, history). Fans of Black Adder will immediately recognize why the actor who portrayed Balrick is the perfect host for such a series! :rolleyes:


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I too really enjoy watching VICE. They have really great material. Even if you believe that you have no interest for a certain topic, they make it so that you are entirely engaged within the first few minutes. For me, Last Chance High series really got to me. Even though I am not a school teacher or in any way involved in the world of education, I really felt a need for change. A change to a problem that we have all known to be present but not really dealt with. If any of you have the chance of watching it, I am sure you will feel for these kids and most importantly, it will light up something inside of you to do something great.

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