Doctor X, A Binge Worthy Japanese Medical Drama for people who hates Medical Dramas

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Doctor X is a medical drama from Japan for the people who hate Medical dramas. I tried giving shows like Grey’s Anatomy or E.R a chance but I cannot endure watching more than one episode. This show has been around for 10 years and it is going strong with 7 Seasons. Now the adventures of Doctor Michiko Daimon (Ryoko Yonekura) is now available on Netflix. Sadly no dub but it has English Subtitles.
I feel a bit of Anxiety watching New Netflix shows with only one season because they always get canceled. So that makes watching this show fun because it is 10 years’ worth of content. It debuted in Japan back in 2012 as it tackled the real-life problem of Doctor shortage. In its 7th Season, It explored the Covid 19 Pandemic.
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Something that annoys me with Medical Dramas is the sex scenes in Hospital...

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When the show is good you don't even need dubs to enjoy it. I've watched so many with just subtitles and haven't missed a beat. I'm in the same category of people who usually can't endure medical dramas but this must be different based on your liking of it. Maybe it's the love scenes that made the other ones so stale. When it comes to medical dramas Doctor X sounds like the exception.


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Doctor X is more of a Superhero show than a Drama. Superhero shows have the monster of the week that needs to be defeated. In Case of Daimon, her monsters are tumors.


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In the USA, medical dramas have been around for a long time. I grew up watching Dr. Kildare and Dr. Ben Casey. Those shows are so old, I doubt anybody even remembers them. LOL. But the modern medical shows like Grey's Anatomy? Blah! I know they were hugely popular, but I just couldn't get into them. On the other hand, I decided to watch an Asian medical drama and I really enjoyed the series. So I may just put Doctor X on my watch list.


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I am just glad there is a Medical Drama where hospital staff are not having sex in elevators and storage rooms.

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