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Watched first two episodes of S11 and wasn't particularly interested.
Watch it later. Maybe.


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In 2018 BBC released all the episodes grouped by Doctor (9/10 , 11 and 12)
so I got it as the DVDs I had were 8 years old. Added the 12th Doctor and the 13th
year 1 recently.

It would be good if the 13th Doctor got the same release as 9 - 12 in their group
sets. 13 is filming her 2nd turn.


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This thread will cover the 1st 8 Doctors dating from 1963 to the Movie The Evil Within. We are splitting Doctor Who into 2 Eras due to the 16 year hiatus before the 9th Doctor.


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This thread will focus only on the 9th - 13th Doctors Year 2 as it constitutes a revived new Series of Doctor Who launched in 2005. Current Doctor Who Thread will focus on Series XXXVIII forward in the Doctor Who Talk Up Thread.


Merged all three threads, we don't need multiple threads to discuss Doctor Who

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