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And we've regenerated. Grab your sonic screwdriver, straighten your celery stick, play a tune on your recorder and bring a banana.

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The Eleventh Hour official description

The Doctor has regenerated into a brand new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover. With the TARDIS wrecked, and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world - and only Amy Pond to help him.


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Hell Yes!. I've been waiting forever for some new Who stuff, and that last X-Mas special was such a let down for me. Hopefully this is good.


EDITED BY VG FOR SPOILERYNESS - Yes, I know, it was years ago. But there are some people who are just getting into it, and I don't want their mindesplodes to happen early. :)

Oh, yeah sorry, I'd hate for someone to spoil that for me.

But serious, MINDASPLODE!!!
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I'm looking forward to The New who.

I know alot of people (Including my Grandmother) loved David Tennent, so Matt as big shoes to fill.

As for his new Companion, She has the looks, thats for sure.
We'll see how she fair's.


What's the word on the U.S. edition of Torchwood?.

Still in pre-production. Nowhere near the Pilot stage yet.
It's looking like it's gonna be a 2010-2011 Mid-Season premiere if where lucky. That's IF Fox approves the Pilot and takes Torchwood USA to series.
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The new Doctor has a Jay Leno chin.

Still in pre-production. Nowhere near the Pilot stage yet.
It's looking like it's gonna be a 2010-2011 Mid-Season premiere if where lucky. That's IF Fox approves the Pilot and takes Torchwood USA to series.

Ah, thanks.

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Q&A with Karen Gillan

Thursday, March 18 2010, 10:32 GMT
By Neil Wilkes, Editor

The next 24 hours are going to be quite eventful for Whozapalooza! 2010. Later today we'll have the first report on the first episode of the new series, plus footage from tonight's red blue carpet premiere in Cardiff. But before all that, here's the second half of our interview with Karen Gillan, aka new assistant Amy Pond. If you haven't seen the first half yet, you'd do well to click here then come back.

Were you a fan of the show before?
"I wasn't a huge fan of it but I'd watched a fair bit of it. My mum's a huge fan, she absolutely loves Doctor Who so I had seen quite a bit of it before."

So if we asked if you'd like to go to Metebelis III...
"Hahaha! I'd probably say 'What?' to that but I am trying to swot up as we go! I've been trying to memorise what TARDIS stands for - Time And Relative Dimensions In Space! I've just been watching from 2005 onwards, but I did watch the first ever episode of Doctor Who on YouTube - it's very scary!"

Will you be using your native accent for the part?
"I'm going to be Scottish! Woohoo! She wasn't originally supposed to be Scottish - she was kind of anywhere really, but she became Scottish after I was cast - it was a nice little personal touch."

Does Amy take much convincing to join The Doctor?
"Yes - she's a very strong female character and she's not in awe of the Doctor as previous companions have been and she's sceptical of him so I think perhaps she's not just straight on the TARDIS as soon as he invites her."

Do we meet the Ponds in the series?
"You may get to meet Amy's boyfriend Rory (Arthur Darvill) in episode one, which is quite exciting. He's a nurse..."

Can we expect dark things from this series?
"Yes. Steven Moffat's writing is very scary at times and really funny at times so it's this rollercoaster. Many stories are fairytale-like and dark so lots of that to be expected."

Did any of the monsters from previous episodes scare you?
""I was very scared by the weeping angels in 'Blink'. They were very scary because they left it up to the imagination - you never actually see them do anything which is what scared me. That was a brilliant creation by Moffat."

Lis Sladen is still playing her companion character 35 years on. Do you think Amy will have that kind of longevity?
"That would be cool and I definitely wouldn't rule that out. It would be great to come back and do appearances and stuff like that but obviously it's too early to tell."

Have you spoken to any of the previous companions?
"I haven't, no. I would love to though. They're all busy actresses and I'm sure they've got more important things to do than get in touch with me, but hopefully I'll get to meet them in the future."

Do you know how long you'd like to play the role?
"I don't know - no decisions have been made so we'll wait and see."

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There were two interviews. One by Lizo Mzimba with just Smith and another with Matthew Richards interviewing Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.


Matt Smith is a really odd fellow in the interviews, he talks so naturally, usually actors look and act so stiff in interviews.

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And now for something completely different, as many might know, many apt CGI modelers/animators around the web have tried to create/recreate Doctor Who scenes ranging from TARDIS (re)materlisation, Dalek/Cyberman scenes from Audio Plays, and the odd TARDIS interior recreation.

This is a short semi-teaser trailer(the creator isn't intending to ever make a full story) for a fan-made story/plot idea by "themindrobber", that if it were real, could possibly be one of the creepiest/scariest Doctor Who episodes ever (at least the teaser makes it look that way).

Here's the creator's blurb for the video:
[HIDE]"In Doctor Who's most disturbing encounter yet, a 14th century 'plague doctor' stalks a run-down Victorian house whose occupants cannot be found. The Doctor and his companion arrive to find a strange record loops endlessly from behind a locked door and the sounds of movement can be heard upstairs, but no-one is there... Can the Doctor solve the mystery of the house or will he fall prey to the watching figure and the sounds in the shadows?"

This is a teaser trailer containing a few elements of a story I will probably never get round to writing. This is really an experiment in lighting and texturing, as I wanted to create an evocative Victorian setting and also realise the 'plague doctor' figure which I am a bit fixated on.

I have always been fascinating by these ghoulish figures from the 14th century. The idea that a medical man would attend the sick and dying dressed like an image from some avian nightmare always compelled me. But what compelled me further in the context of a Doctor Who story was the idea that under their protective clothing, what if these creatures actually looked like their masks....?[/HIDE]

Here is "themindrobber"'s...
[ame=""]The Sounds in the Dark[/ame]
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Whereas Tennant incorporated the misery of eternity into the part,
Smith’s Doctor is not afraid to go “Wow!†when he sees what has happened to the inside of the Tardis. It is, incidentally, geometrically arranged in greens and reds with a retro look that incoporates a Seventies digital clock, a gramophone horn and (oh dear) a pair of hot and cold taps. Boys of all ages know that wow feeling when they first charge up their new smartphone.

I think there is an 80's phone there too.

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