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“Crisis. BIG crisis. SERIOUS CRISIS,” says the voiceover, while big brass instruments sting each utterance of the word. It must be a CW promo, right? Wrong — it’s The Doctor. And we’re sure she’s fine, actually. Her next word is “Kisses!”
We’ve got the big trailer for BBC America’s next season of Doctor Who, the one that tells us the premiere date. What kind of danger will our newly-bosomed Doctor get into now? Will she ditch the boring companions she picked and choose some more interesting ones instead? (We wish.)
The next Doctor Who is only a month away and this trailer reveals Whittaker’s version will be running into classic villains the Cybermen. She’ll also be chasing an airplane down a runaway for some reason, riding a motorcycle, and facing a variety of butt-ugly aliens that all get half-second clips to show off their teeth and bulbous bodies.
Oh, by the way….if you’re thinking of waiting on this season until it shows up on a streaming service, then you must be planning to...
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