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For as much praise as Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness got for Sam Raimi’s directing and such, its existence still leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the complete derailment of the Scarlet Witch character. Wanda is not supposed to be evil, and the comics don’t usually treat her as such, though they usually go for the sexist trope of her powers driving her into insanity and doing self-destructive things. Raimi decided to take the worst interpretation of Wanda possible, ruining over a decade of character development for the sake of shock.
But anyway. If you missed it in the theaters, there will be multiple ways to watch it at home, as we’ve come to expect from Marvel. The film will be hitting Disney+ before the month is over, but around the same time, it will be offered to own in digital format. A month later the disc version will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD. The difference is the special features — see if they intrigue you…

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This film was fantastic. It approaches horror territory, which is unusual for a superhero film. In the movie, the writers can make America Chavez likable, but in the comics, she is loathed. I now trust whatever MCU does. If they can make me like a character I've never liked in the comics, they can't possibly go wrong.


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I enjoyed it in Theaters, I hope the DVD will have deleted scenes and alternate endings. Extra features are the only reason for my to by a DVD or Bluray.


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Great movie! The Saudis don't know what they are missing when they banned this movie because of a 12 second clip Disney refuses to censor.