Do you watch late night TV shows?

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Mostly talk shows, and comedians, but how many of you watch these at night?

I've tried to watch a few of them once, but I wasn't interested enough. 15 minutes in, I dozed off to sleep and woke up in the morning listening to the news. They're a decent source of information, and sometimes they crack the occasional jokes, but I couldn't force myself to watch it if I had to. How many of you actually enjoy them?


I watch them once in a while, when I'm still wide awake when the news is over. The last one I watched had an egg contest--egg Russian roulette. There were two contestants -- Jimmy Fallon and someone else. There was a box of a dozen eggs. Eight were hard boiled and four were raw. The people took turns knocking an egg on their heads. The first person who knocked two raw eggs on their head lost. I was mildly appalled, but kept watching in fascination -- were there people really stupid enough to play this game? I'm taking a break from late night TV.


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I only watch when I can't sleep! I'd very much rather being able to sleep than watching those shows to be honest :p but lately I'm having such a hard time trying to keep my eyes shut :( I like to watch a tv show called ''Insomnia'', so appropiate!


Late night is my favorite time to watch. It's quiet and peaceful and I'm in total control of the remote! The late night shows are different but entertaining and I like the humor.
I'd record all of them if I had space on my dvr, but I don't, so the only one I record is Conan. I like watching when he has guests like Louis CK and Bill Burr on.
I used to watch late night TV shows, but not anymore because I don't find any good TV shows nowadays. If I really want to watch, I would just watch any TV shows on the internet.


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I would love to find late night talk shows from the UK. We'll get Graham Norton starting this month, but there must be others.

I have not enjoyed American late night television since Johnny Carson retired from late night programming.

Those were the days.


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I sometimes watch Conan O'Brian, he's quite funny and usually has good guests.
Not something that I do everyday though, only when I'm all caught up on the shows I follow.


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Yes, but I usually watch them in the morning. I put them on in place of all the crappy daytime TV while I am getting work done.

I cannot believe Letterman is still on the air. He's not funny at all anymore, and his jokes range from pointless to shockingly awful. It's like the show can't afford decent writers or something, so Letterman just fills the time with goofy facial expressions and rambling nonsense. Leno was getting long in the tooth too, but at least he is wrapping things up.

I love Chelsea Lately, and have made it a point to watch that every night. It's like my night cap, I have a few drinks then put that on.

Conan and Fallon are strong, Kimmel is good too but I think the writers are a little stronger on the other two shows.

While I want to like Craig Ferguson, sometimes he veers off into complete nonsense too and fails to reel it back in on a lot of his shows. It gets exhausting after a while.


Ever since Johnny Carson passed off to Jay Leno, i stopped watching late shows. I can stomach 10 minutes tops. I think they do have an audience that is unique, but I will never be one of those.