Do you watch cartoons?

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Hey guys! I'm a 26 year old female who still watches a lot cartoons! I'm into anime as well, but not watching anime that much ever since they removed animax over here. I used to watch the Adult Swim block as well, but they removed it back in 2007, I think :( That was a total and complete disgrace, because that block had a lot awesome cartoons that were written for an adult audience (hard to believe this was aired on Cartoon Network, lol!).

I still watch other cartoons: the simpsons, ugly americans, futurama, south park, family guy, american dad, cleveland, daria, etc.

What about you guys? Do you like to watch cartoons?


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I only watch cartoons if I'm off from work and its before 9 AM! theres nothing wrong with watching cartoons even at 26 years old, do what pleases you!

dylan thor

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I still do for I do not have any choice. During weekends, my nephew wouldn't share the remote. I would argue with him constantly until I ran out of patience that I try to engross myself with something else. But anyway, I avidly watch Adventure Time with Finn and Jake with him. That series is very funny.

Dreek Lass

Yes, I will admit to watching cartoons. I perhaps got it from my uncle, who has been an adult for a lot of years now and every time I would go into his room, Cartoon Network would be on the television lol. I am more inclined to watch the old Nickelodeon cartoons, like Hey Arnold, and Doug. Recess from Disney was also another favorite cartoon of mine.

Sometimes when I would like to watch something good whilst I eat my dinner I will Youtube some of these old cartoons and just sit and watch them whilst eating my food. call it reliving my youth lol.

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