Do you think a Marvel zombies movie will work?

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Jan 14, 2018
Marvel comics have a multiverse with different timelines. Because of that we have different versions of this franchise. The mainstream continuity of the comics is Earth-616, while MCU is in Earth-199999.
Something that I want to happen but I know wont happen is a live action Marvel zombies movie. It is very unsettling to read but I can’t stop. Children who loves MCU will may cry with this.Earth-2149 is the dystopian setting of the Marvel Zombies lore. This timeline not the Marvel universe that you know. It is a dark timeline in the Multiverse where a virus infected the heroes and villains.
Mainstream continuity Deadpool is the only main timeline character who gets to explore this world. He gets to keep the dismembered of Zombie Deadpool as a pet.
Some of the Dark events of this comics are:
Spiderman eating Mary Jane because he got taken over by his instincts.
Undead Hank Pym making a human farm out...

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