Tech Do you take help of YouTube videos to repair gadgets?

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Only recently I found the true potential of YouTube as a guide in repairing gadgets. My laptop was heating up too fast and the temperature rose up to 80 degree. I asked Google about it and got an idea that it must be due to a clogged or faulty fan inside. But I was quite skeptical about opening my laptop.

Then YouTube came to my rescue and I became confident on seeing a YouTube video that showed how to open my laptop model. I did this successfully by removing dirt from the fan blades and vents. In fact there was a ball of dirt which was preventing the fan from rotating. Once it was cleared the fan was running smoothly and my laptop also starts working fine.

There are many videos out there using which we can make many useful things. I also made a 20 meter USB cable to power up my WiFi dongle with the help of Internet.

Did you ever repair your electronic items with the help of videos?


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Oh I do this all of the time. There is nothing better than having a video to watch and walk you through something like that. I wish it was around earlier.


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Yes. I too use YouTube videos for various purposes and I find them great help.

The fact that some of them are detailed helps a lot.


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When it comes to using YouTube, while I know that there is a lot of helpful advice on there telling you how to do lots of different things, I can never seem to get in to any of the videos. Most of the ones I've started watching are presented by some guy who's shouting and sounds like he is trying to sell you something, and that puts me off right from the start.

YouTube is certainly a good tool for researching, but for me I think I'd have to try and follow the videos on mute for me to be able to get past the first few minutes!

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