Do You Smoke?

Nanami Tenkawa

i just hating smoke. ever since many of my classmates at college they taking some smoking. disgusting bad breath. x.x


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I have in the past, but I never made a habit out of it and I don't anymore, mainly for athletic performance reasons. But also because I enjoy, you know, being alive.
I don't, but people think I do. I live with two (once three) people who smoke like crazy. I hate it, because I always have the smell on me.
i just hating smoke. ever since many of my classmates at college they taking some smoking. disgusting bad breath. x.x

And same goes to some of my schoolmates and classmates both before and now. And some of my family members got MURDERED because of it (smoking killed them.). It makes a lot of carboxyhemoglobin that makes blood carry lesser oxygen because our blood prefers carbon monoxide than oxygen because of it's affinity towards hemoglobin. Speaking of which, I almost got suffocated because of a family member smoked a lot inside the car. *cough, cough*

Edit: Good thing you stopped ther Master Bolt, otherwise you might get killed because of it. It kills you softly faster. Worse if you are an alcoholic man and obese and eating cholesterol rich foods.
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No I don't. It's just not me.

Seeing a attractive girl smoke is a bit of a turn off for me. I just tend to not find very much attractiveness in women with a habit that only blackens your lungs and makes you and your breath all funky.


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Whoever said the air wasn't clean in the beginning?

Well, if you wanna make it WORSE then do me a favor, we don't want to live in a world where there's knuckleheads destroying OUR future just cause THEY want to ruin their lives with their "pleasure". Do me a favor and get addicted on cocaine or other drugs. Trust me, that's better than killing all of us. You could do that and die yourself, still getting the same old STUPID pleasure, but we won't be affected. Or, you could quit and stop trynna pollute this world. I respect others rights, but once you say you DON'T care and start saying the air isn't clean to start off with anyways, then you better just jump off a bridge.

Do you realize how many lives could actually be saved?

Don't even point a finger at me saying "exaggerations". I know my subject, I'm part of a program the UN set up for school. It's a big deal for me cause I wanna live. I don't wanna die and no other people want to. Save your own money, life and others. Trust me, it's a much better life.

Also, this thread is useless without pics.


I know guys, it's their rights to smoke, but it's also MY rights to live. So if anyone's willing to smoke, show me your lungs before you die. Does it look like the upper pic?
[hide]If you want to look cool so stop smoking, for something like this:




will come to you
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yeah i smoke lol but I'm not a hardcore smoke like finished a pack each week or some shizz lol I have 4-5 at the most each month lol still not healthy lol

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