Do you prefer to create your own stories or translate the Sentai?

In the past, you've had your share of both. Do you think there's a benefit to simply copying the Sentai storylines and formula for the show or do you think original stories and concepts work better?


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Both, of course

It boils down to this... you do what you think works best for the show. The Japanese episodes are often unusable, for a variety of reasons. But every now and then, they come up something you just love. Maybe it's an entire story, or maybe it's just a plot point, or a character. You grab it, build on it, and make it your own. Every story is a concoction of the writer's experiences, sifted and processed. Power Rangers was no different. So, sure I love my own stories, but I recognize when something else works too.

And by the way, I worked crazy hours back then. If I could find a story I love, I'd just use it and move on. It made life much easier. And if everyone in the room can SEE the story, and everyone likes it, then the debate is abbreviated. Choosing which stories to use and which not to involves judging which will fit into the season arc, and which can be made to fit with some changes. It's an art unto itself. Of course, if there lots of footage, and the footage is plot-heavy, then you're kind of in a corner.

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