Tech Do you prefer taking pictures using your smartphone?

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I have seen a lot of people take photos using their smartphones. Real cameras have become less popular for some people unless those who consider picture-taking is a professional field and take it very seriously. Do you prefer taking pictures using your smartphone over the real camera?


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No, not at all. In fact I almost never do it. I hate at how unresponsive the camera is on my phone. Plus the image quality is not that great unless I'm shooting in deal lighting situations. It's too hard to shoot on a touch screen in bad weather or when your fingers are damp or sweaty. Plus cell phone cameras have weak flashes and practically no manual controls.

The only one I would remotely consider using more as a camera is that new Nokia phone with the huge sensor.


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I really don't. My phone has an 8 megapix camera but the my pictures always have an element of blurriness unless taken up close. Don't even get me started on the flash settings. My phones the Samsung Galaxy SII and I wonder if anyone else has this problem.


Hahahahah yes I do! It's so much easier than having to carry a camera around. Pretty convenient too, because I can straight away upload them onto social media or send them to my friends which I can't do on a camera.


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I rarely ever take pictures, but here in NYC, you rarely ever see tourists take pictures with their phone. Chances are that they have a camera that takes quality pictures. There is a big difference, especially when you have the ability to play around with different lens to improve your photography experience.


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I do, because it's more convenient than carrying a camera around. I am thinking about getting a proper camera soon, but I would still not take that everywhere with me!


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I'm using my phone camera rather than a digital one. I'm using an iPhone 3G and the picture quality is very good. However, if given a chance, I'll still go for and DSLR. I learned how to use it in our journalism class and I was fascinated with how the controls could give me my desired output. But, as photo journalists say, when we talk about the quality of the beauty of the picture that we get, the camera is not a great factor. Rather, it's the eye of the one taking it. The one who has an eye for a great shot in the right time captures a precious and beautiful picture.


I have seen a lot of people take photos using their smartphones. Real cameras have become less popular for some people unless those who consider picture-taking is a professional field and take it very seriously. Do you prefer taking pictures using your smartphone over the real camera?
I like to take pictures with my smartphone but my Wife hates taking picture with hers. For some reason her pictures come out blurry most of the time and mine come out fine, and we both have the same phone.


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It's been a year since this thread started, but it seems like a timeless thread, so I'll post this here anyway :p I preffer to take the pictures with my smartphone, because I always have it around me. I don't carry the camera with me all the time and when I'm traveling the camera seems just like some extra weight. The phone makes good pictures, so there is really no need of an extra camera.


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I generally do not like taking serious pictures with my phone, but I recently purchased an app called camera Fv-5 that mimics the functionality of a DSLR. I have noticed a significant improvement in the sharpness and color of my images, it lets me adjust the iso to let in more light.

I normally like use my smart camera, I just use the NFC to transfer photos from the camera to my phone and then to Facebook or wherever from there. You get much better quality from a handheld camera so it's worth the extra step.
It is just more handy to whip out the phone you always have on you. The smart phone really is the modern Swiss Army knife. It has everything. The fact that cameras on phones have gotten a lot better, and haven't raised prices is also appealing. For that quick shot, I prefer the camera, but it will never replace the quality of real modern cameras.


I prefer taking pictures with an actual camera. As a music blogger and journalists, I have to make sure that the pictures I take are professional quality (or as close to it as possible) so I got use to taking pictures with a camera. I do take pictures with my phone every now and then, especially when I want to put something up on Instagram, but I really like using a traditional camera.


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Yes, of course, because I don't really have a camera. Besides, I always have my smartphone with me, so I can take pictures anywhere and my smartphone camera is good enough. I've taken most pictures using a smartphone in the past year. :)


I'm not keen on taking pictures with my phone at all. It is a very useful feature to have on your phone, particularly if you just spot something at random, but my camera takes much better quality photographs. The phone is fine for those moments when you're not carrying your camera though.

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If I had a Camera, I would always use my Camera if I am travelling. If I see something interesting in my everyday life and want to make photo I will just take out my phone and snap a quick pic, but I would prefer to take it with a camera instead of my phone.


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The picture quality of my phone is quite good. I use my smartphone to take pictures which I am easily able to upload online. I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying camera about were I am not a professional cameraman.


I am not a professional photographer but I collect pictures of occasions that I attend so I consider myself an amateur photographer. I use my Canon digital camera which has good resolution although not a DSLR. But for personal shots only, I use my Samsung smart phone.


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No, I got a Sony digital camera which is really good in videos and photos. Moreover, I am not a person to use smartphone for everything. I only use it for attending calls and sometime for playing games while on move.

But there was a time when I was really crazy about taking photos with my smartphone. But nowadays I lost interest and also busy in my online ventures. But it is a fact that smartphone is quite handy to use during travel and we don't need to carry any other special equipment with it. We can take photos anywhere and at any time we want, quite convenient and user friendly.