Collectibles Do you make the items in your collection, or buy them?

I like to discover new hobbies, especially when it comes to creating things with my hands. I went through a phase of making items to add to a craft stick collection. Then I used unpainted wood blocks. My latest collection is two years old. It is large figurines made from oven-bake clay.
Other collections are from my vacations. I have bought and free souvenirs. I also have soil samples, and beach sand/shells.
How is your collections acquired?


I used to collect angels until I started having so many that I was running out of places to put them all. I really enjoy doing plastic canvas and have a lot of things that I've made that I won't part with, even though I do make a lot of stuff for other people too. I don't really have any collections otherwise right now.
My collection of homemade clay figures is filling up my house. For some reason, I just keep making them bigger and bigger. It is not intentional, it just happens. I made a horse and cowboy last night, and it is 18 inches tall and probably weighs three pounds. When I started two years ago my figures were three inches tall.

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