General Discussion Do You Have Any Allergies?

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Dreek Lass

I know quite a few people in my life who have quite a few allergies, whether it is Hay fever or lactose intolerant, to Nivea face cream lol.

I have had allergic reactions in the past, or so my doctor told me, but we just couldn't work out what the reaction as from.

Are you allergic to anything?


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I do not have allergies, however my whole family does. I feel really bad that they are bothered by pollen, mold and a few others and I am no affected at all. My children's and husband's eyes swell up because they are exposed to things I don't notice and I wish I had the intuition to feel what they felt so I can prevent the irritation they go through.:oops:


I've never had any type of allergy. There are a few people in my family that are allergic to bees and tomatoes though. I guess those traits skipped me when I was born.


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Eye allergies, it seems every time fall is going to kick in my eyes get really sick and is really hard for me to see. That's when I know is time to go to see the specialist, so he can give me the special eyedrops I need every year to heal my poor eyes. But yes, this happens every single year!


My youngest was actually diagnosed with Cold Urticaria.. essentially, allergic to the cold. It was a scary time, but as with most things people end up with, we were told to treat the symptoms and live with it. I've always believed food to be at the bottom of almost everything. Maybe at the least, a trigger to everything. I am so relieved that since changing our diets, he no longer suffers from this (and of course the others who do, think it's too much trouble.. must be a pill for that!). My skin issues I've had all my life are gone too and my brain is clear. If anyone knows what the fog is or don't know that you have it.. change the way you eat and then go back to it after a while. ugh.. I tried a weekend of eating what most people do and the fog was heavy! lol.