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Are you a follower of trends like the hair dye of psychedelic colors, wearing jeans with torn knees, having a tattoo? I am quite old fashioned but I understand that the young generation has that aspiration to be "in" with fashion hence they follow the trend even if it is not pleasant. When I was younger, long hair was the trend for males but I couldn't sport long hair because of the military training in school. But now that I am old, I am sporting long hair, waheehee.


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I am keen to follow trends especially in clothing. But at the same time I am not that much fashioned too like having tattoos. In fact having tattoos is not very common in our location and I am also quite skeptical about its possible side effects.

I do experiments on my hair too. I use different colors like brown, dark black to shade them in between which seems fine to me.


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I don't follow the trend most of the time. Some people tell me that am so conservative. For example, I've never changed the style of my haircut since I was in fourth grade, I wear even the clothes from the 90's as long as they look appealing to me. I find some of the trending styles a little weird.


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I am sitting here right now with bright purple hair. I am a woman in her mid-40s whose work involves lobbying politicians and presenting myself as a scientific authority. My appearance has never presented a problem for me in my work and in many settings being visually distinct and easy to spot has been an advantage.

I think the idea that only young people use bright hair colors or distressed clothing effects is itself an old-fashioned idea. It is no long uncommon to encounter a nose ring, tattoo, or bright hair color even in the highest halls of power.


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If I see something I like that happens to be trendy, sure. I got a few tattoos I drew myself done when I was younger. Simple, all black, and small. They mean something to me. I didn't do it because it was trendy though. I know tattoos are trendy these days but it seems silly to get such a thing because it is "cool" to have one.