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Most people cook for fun, and some people cook just to save money. I however, am completely horrible with cooking. I can mess up simple things like making scrambled eggs, I can burn certain ingredients, and so on. Even if I look at a step by step tutorial, or a cookbook, I would still manage to mess something up, but when it comes to cooking, I keep trying until I get it right. If I manage to mess up hundreds of times, then I would just eat my burnt or raw cooking.

Anyways, do you cook? What is your favorite meal?


I can cook some things, thankfully i'm pretty good at scrambled egg though. This is handy due to having braces and it being one of the easiest things to eat.

Other than that, I like to cook non-bake and non-egg food if i'm bored.


To be honest I'm horrible at cooking but I always use the excuse, 'if I want to learn a new dish or even learn how to cook properly, google will help me with that', ahah, I can mess up pretty easy in a kitchen, I'm only good at pasta like dishes, and even that I sometimes mess up, don't even know how to do a proper lasagna so, let me stop writing here, enough of the embarrassment ahah.


I would like to cook, but I end up making some horrible vapid food. As much as I would love to learn it, I don't know if I would ever be able to cook anything tasty ever. The only thing I can cook is tea and coffee.


I am not the best cook, but I cook ok when I have to. My favorite things to cook are any kind of meat with a lot of tomato sauce and pasta, two of my favorite things. I enjoy my sauce very thick and with a lot of tomato, yummy! :)


I love my couch and I have no idea what to do in the kitchen. If boiling a kettle of water can be considered cooking, then count me in. Thank goodness for free home deliveries!


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I'm pretty good at cooking, actually :) I'm not bragging or anything like that, but cooking could be one of the very few things I can actually do well :p Which shouldn't be so surprising... because I've been doing this since I was 16 years old. I'm specially good preparing desserts and baking cakes. I'm also good cooking other things; I can make dinner or lunch from scratch :D

I had to learn to cook so early, mostly because I had to be on my own for a while, so ever since I was 16 I had to cook my own food if I wanted to eat. I really envy all those people who just sit at the table and eat :p I love fridays and saturdays mostly because those are the only days I don't have to cook!!


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Yes I prefer cooking over going out because, to me I make the best tasting versions of the food I like and it is probably healthier and higher quality.
I love to make Carne Asada and Ice Cream Nachos, my kids love it too.


I'm actually quite proud. I managed to cook an apricot flapjack in the microwave today and it didn't turn out rubbery or anything. It actually tasted like a flapjack as well!


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I can cook but it's not something that I am really passionate about. However, I can cook a variety of the staple food in my country. Therefore I can not day from not having a cook near. Cooking thoughh not my passion is really interesting.
I try to cook as much as possible but I only do the basic things and nothing to crazy. It saves alot of money cooking, I will tell you that.
I do, but only the basics. I can make eggs (sunny side up, omelette, scrambled), french toast, pita bread (if I've got meat to make a souvlaki with, otherwise I just put cheese in them). Frying stuff like sausages is easy too.