Do you care about spoilers?


Personally I don't really care about spoilers, but then again I'm not watching anything I'm really engaged to right now. My friend on the other hand complete avoids anything that remotely has to do with spoilers, like episode preivews and magazine scans. I remember one time he got mad at me for tweeting the Gobuster toys scans.


Not really, but I try to exercise a bit of common courtesy around friends and other people that do ( spoiler-tagging things, hiding them behind cuts, etc. )

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It really depends on what the show/program is, but generally I don't care what the spoilers are but I do care about how the spoilers happens/plays out. Little tidbits don't kill the suspense for me, but don't tell me how things happen in the context of a tv show or a really good book. Spoilers for games however I'm completely fine for.

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To a certain degree I do. Like a big plot twist (like the end of the first SAW movie) or a death is a big no no for me.


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Eh, I'm about the same as FK, some things I care about, others I don't & it's usually something I'm already emotionally invested in- so big spoilers from sequels to films I really like, or big plot points from something I'm interested in seeing.

I do try to be considerate to people & & generally don't say anything that happens after the first half hour of a movie, although I do, when watching something with someone, point out things to pay attention to & provide occasional commentary of "what happened in the book" or "behind the scenes" stuff, but that's just my own personal interests shining through.




they bother me to a certain extent, like certain spoilers cant be avoided if the thing has been out for a long period of time, but as for like episodes of shows and stuff I dispise spoilers and hate people talking about them, after 24 hours have passed since the air date then fair game

that just my opinion anyways


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Quick question: Do you think Bumblebee needed a spoiler on his car mode in Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

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If its something that I care about watching, which is most of what I'm watching otherwise i wouldn't waste my time, then yeh, I do care about spoilers. I'm there purely as a viewer, so I'm there for the whole ride. Knowing the plot of a movie or TV show or knowing who is going to turn evil or who is gonna die just gives me less of a reason to watch it. That's why I rarely follow rumors for Tokusatsu shows outside of who the next Sentai/Kamen Rider/Ultraman is and what the general plot will be. Other than that, who the next rider will be, what's the next power up, who the final bad guy will be, are things I'd rather find out as the show goes on. It's part of the fun for me, its why I watch the show.

It's a constant struggle between me and Aoi Kurenai. He loves finding out the latest news on shows, episode summaries, plot twists, etc. And I constantly tell him not to tell me anything because I wanna find out on my own. Like, for Fourze, a lot of clues are in the names of the characters, just jumbled around to make it a tad less obvious. I guess if you're japanese, you'll probably get it right away. but I wont, so I try my best not to look for what they mean. And for shows like Fourze, which I'm very lukewarm about, the less I know, the better cuz the mystery of the story is one of the few things keeping me from dropping the show.

So in short, yes, I do mind spoilers and try my best to avoid them when I can.

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I generally don't find myself caring about spoilers that much. More often than not, I'm more interested in watching the progress of a story leading to any given end result than that end result itself. If a show or movie does its job at telling a story well enough, I'll probably be able to piece together the outcome on my own before the reveal, so it's not an issue for me there.

Now, that said, there are times spoilers do bug me and this is mostly when the story is straight to the point. These are the times a spoiler will make me lose enthusiasm for a show. For example, had the second Star Wars film had build up and visible clue dropping that Vader might be Luke's father, I wouldn't have cared about knowing that he was ahead of time. The way the film is actually presented has that moment be there more for shock and so since there's no build up to it, you just have this one big moment coming and you know what it is, you can't enjoy the ride of having the other characters find out.

About a month ago I was marathoning an anime and found out the main character's father was still alive and that he was this mysterious masked character in the show. I learned this fact at episode 27, but you don't find out until episode 48 and there is literally no build up. One moment you see the guy fighting, the next his mask breaks and he's all "WHELP GUESS I'M YOUR FATHER HOW COOL IS THAT I'M STILL ALIVE", so it's literally out of nowhere. Knowing ahead of time with a story like that will bug me, especially because it reveals a lot about the character's motives that might have otherwise been ambiguous at best. (at one point he destroys his son's weapon, the show tries to make you think he's evil, but he only did this because his son was losing focus and was showing him that even the greatest weapon is useless in the hands of a novice)


About a month ago I was marathoning an anime and found out the main character's father was still alive and that he was this mysterious masked character in the show. I learned this fact at episode 27, but you don't find out until episode 48 and there is literally no build up.
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