do they actually say swear words in sentai


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I don't think I've ever heard any of them screaming kuso or chikushou but the worst I've heard was kutabare which pretty much means something like "**** you!" in Japanese. onore was commonly used in the 80's though.


Is "kuso" really a swear word? I'm pretty sure there were a few episodes in Ultraman Dyna when Asuka said it almost as if it was his transformation word.
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Soooo... curse words just aren't as big a deal in Japan?

I dunno, I think they just don't *have* the kind of curse words we do. Just because "kuso" means feces...they might just be saying "Poop poop poop" rather than "**** **** ****!"

I've only ever rarely heard someone use "kutabare" even in mature anime. But I've heard "kuso", "onore", and "kisama" more times than I can count.

It's kind of fun to imagine that all of Japan's TV sounds like the televised DBZ dub, where all of the heroes say "Darn you!"


"Onore" and "Kisama" are more like sarcastic expletives, because they were polite terms for "you" several centuries ago.

Like using "thou" as an expletive.


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Curse words aren't a big deal in english. The reactions to them are the big deal and that's strange because they're really just words.


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If I remember correctly, The stuff like "Kuso", "Onore" "Kisama" and the like often gets translated to profanities in subs. In truth, they're just disrespectful variants of "you", considering Nihongo lacks true profanities.

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Soooo... curse words just aren't as big a deal in Japan?
IIRC they don't have "swear words" in quite the same way that we do. Of course they have insults (no matter what language it is, nobody likes being compared to dung) but my understanding is that they don't quite have the same idea that some words are just inherently ruder to say than others with an identical meaning. If you want to be really rude to someone in Japan then you use the wrong honorific when referring to them. If you watched Kamen Rider OOO and wondered just why Goto seems to get irritated so easily by Date, it's because Date is constantly using the wrong honorific when he says his name (don't call me that!).


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I'm curious now.. Isn't kutabare just something like "drop dead"? That's what I've been told by my teacher.

yeah, the real meaning for kutabare means that you're ordering the person to drop dead but because of the tone they usually use whenever they scream kutabare ends up making it sound as if they're screaming "**** you!!" in a sense. same goes to onore but onore has two meanings: "Damn you!"/"You bastard!" or one's self. it all depends on context, though.

nowadays, Sentai don't use these words that much anymore but very mild phrases instead such as like:

Shibutoi yatsu da na! / You're a very persistent bastard, aren't you?
Koshaku na! / You cheeky bastard!
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