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Indie game developer Gleb Mirolyubov has published Divinest Light on Steam. It’s a single-player puzzle platformer game that’s all about atmosphere.
You start out knowing nothing about your character or where they came from…all you know is they fell into a dark, black-and-white woods and it’s full of shadow monsters. Survival is simple: stay out of the dark and you’ll be safe. But that’s much easier said than done!
The mechanics are simple enough that the game needs no introduction, tutorial or much text at all — there isn’t even a health bar. These elements were avoided out of concern they would break the idea of “immersion” behind the game. Mirolyubov says this was also done so the game didn’t need a translation to be played anywhere in the world. “There is almost no text and no speech in Divinest Light – just a small minimalistic menu. Thus, everybody can play the game regardless of the language they speak.”

Speechless but deep and philosophical story with biblical references...
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