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As someone who is Gay Woman, I think the movie would have not flopped the box office if they Disney didn't brag that this is their first movie with gay protagonist. They forgot parents vote with their wallets and republican parents will not support anything related to rainbows. Miss opportunity to educate families about LGBT. They should have not included it in their PR and make it a surprise to the audience.

In Thailand there was this Gay romance movie, and they marketed it as a romcom about a boy and a girl and boom, the girl is not the love interest, she is just a friend. It became a box office hit. Disney forgot to use a Trojan horse.


Is this movie directly watchable at Disney Plus or do I have to pay for rental just like what they did to box office movies?

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This film, which has received almost no promotion, has only recently been brought to my notice. If the film is well received, word will spread, but if it fails to impress, there is a good reason for that. According to what I've heard, the movie lacked a compelling story and a well-crafted world building. Even Mars needs moms is better than this.

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Disney is at a branding stalemate and can't seem to attract new fans. The ability to do so is no longer available. They invest a lot of money into trying to win over a small but dedicated fan base, hoping that this will increase their chances of success through sheer luck. The Mouse House is having issues that can be remedied by focusing on its promotion of original content. If you're not in tune with audiences, your movies won't do well. Instead of creating a beautiful story, the film is woke for the sake of being woke.
Since I just watched it this morning, I would say that it was above average. We can only hope that the company's operations will improve as a result of the recent changes in Disney's leadership. Disney clearly intended to sabotage the success of this film from the start, as evidenced by the fact that it barely supported it with tv ads. They want to save money from taxes so they need a box office flop.


I won't be watching the movie because it has terrible animation and doesn't add anything new. Cartoons like these do not look good enough to watch on an Imax format, so stay at home with your family and watch it on television instead of going to an Imax theater. Additionally, everyone I've talked to about it agrees that it is incredibly monotonous.

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When it first came out, I saw it in a theater for the first time. Being a part of the activity met my needs. Because it was just recently made available on iTunes, I'm debating buying it. Only in September, when I had already seen a ton of other movies in theaters earlier in the year, did I see a trailer for this movie. In the media, it wasn't really a big deal. It's doubtful that the amount of money brought in at the box office was significantly higher. I was the only person in the theater when I went to see it. It is excellent, so it is a shame that it did not achieve greater success.

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