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Let’s be honest — 1994’s The Santa Clause is a movie that’s, at best, aggressively average. It’s a decent yet typical family film of the 1990s. Nothing to write home about. It’s just there. And to prove it, it doesn’t turn up on many people’s lists of All Time Top Ten Favorite Christmas Movies. I see Jingle All The Way listed more than Santa Clause and THAT movie is rather divisive.
Having said this, even with its mediocrity, The Santa Clause has one thing going for it that no other Christmas movie has. IT….JUST…..WON’T….END.
I had no desire to see Tim Allen in the red suit again, no less watch him attempt to convince a woman to marry him within a week, but The Santa Clause 2 happened anyway and it wasn’t long before a third movie appeared in 2006. Traditionally, the third movie puts an end to things, but not this C+ level fantasy. He’s back AGAIN. Allen is reprising Santa one more time, in the form of a Disney+ miniseries, The Santa Clauses, hitting this November.
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Well Chrismas is not complete without this Morbidly obese guy from old coca-cola ads. Before Coca Cola is a thing, Saint Nick is a skinny guy in green but the fat guy in red is more popular to the masses.
Time really runs very fast because I still have vivid memories of watching Tim Allen as Santa with my siblings on the brand-new VHS we received for Christmas. The tape came out of the recorder when we rewind the sh*t out of it, and my brother screamed while holding the tape in his hands like a soldier gripping his insides after a grenade strike. Still find it hilarious. I do not talk to my siblings anymore but those memories are fun while it lasted.


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It was like a time warp back to the 1990s! I can't believe they're still doing this. My mother sat down with me to watch many of these movies with me when I was a child On dvds and we both absolutely loved them. The third one she saw in those rerun theaters with me. Though I'm an adult now, I still wish she were here to watch these with me. I will, without a doubt, be tuning in.


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I was really aback by Tim Allen's willingness to reprise his role as Santa Claus for The Santa Clauses. When my family and I attended one of Tim's stand-up acts in January, he said that he disliked doing family-friendly material, despite the fact that he features in several of them. He said he really dislikes kids. He said the kids who thought he was the real Santa Claus wouldn't let him leave the set of the original Santa Clause movie with whom he worked on the script.