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Welcome to the discussion thread for Ultraman Z, episode 8; "The Mystic Power".


"And The Phase 1 Heisei Fans Rejoiced"

This Week: The team face a Combined Monster known as Tri King that can also evolve into a Super Combined Monster known as Five King! There is no choice but to make use of a new kind of power in order to face this indomitable threat! The powers of a mysterious transforming light!

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So can we Say Z beat this one by giving the monster a severe case of heart burn? Another good one. Yuka giving off future made scientist vibes again with her reaction to her capture, felt that one was more creeped out t annoyed diring the fight. Haruki loses the Z riser (and and Z apparently since he scolded him about it. So does that mean Z in the device?) Wonder if the villian going to panic now since two more people know what he looks like now.One a side learned last night the gentleman Juggular was talking to about him was the writer

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I enjoyed how Juggler picks out the Dyna medal when he asks Z to show him how a warrior fights. I'm guessing it's a subtle callback to Orb Origin, where he met Dyna. After a battle where Juggler went for essentially a pyrrhic victory, he lamented how he thought he should have been a warrior of light...to which Dyna told him that that wasn't how a warrior of light would fight.

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