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Welcome to the discussion thread for Ultraman Z, episode 13; "I'll Feast on Medals!".

This Week: : The Coin Monster Kanegon appears before Haruki. The money-eating monster is hungry, and of all things it eats Haruki's Ultra Medals! Looking back on Z's past adventures, Haruki must find a way to get the Ultra Medals back from Kanegon's stomach!

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Yeah, loved the Redman reference lol.

A surprising lack of clips in this supposed clip show episode. More like a money-saving episode really. Mostly it's just an existing monster suit and the main star (although the other three main characters all turn up for a brief appearance each) using just two of the existing sets. It makes me wonder if this was the first one filmed after the COVID filming hiatus or something?

I did enjoy that they moved on Haruki's moral dilemma a little too.
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I was wondering when this was filmed as well when Haruki was trying to get Kanegon to back off in the beginning he said "Social distancing" Made me wonder when or it was something whomever was doing the subtitles put in because it was relevant. But yeah there was a lack of clips in this one. I don't know it seems to me Haruki should have had the dicussion he had with Kanegon with Z before now. There were some things I liked in such as reminding us Juggular at least reminding us he knows what the big bad of this one is up to. And Yoko leaving Haruki something to eat. Now I'm sure some prople will say it's a sign they're starting up a potential romance angle between the two of them but honestly it felt more like a older sister looking out for her little brother moment to me. And describiing Yuka going full on mad scients when Haruki was trying to get Kanegon to understand what she might do if she spotted him was just perfect.

Dr Kain

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Jesus, we just had a clipshow 3 weeks ago and now we have another? WTF? What's worse is they made it important. Ugh.