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Well, two fansub groups have released the first episode, is anyone following it?

I quite liked how they actually showed the previous New Generation Ultras giving the new guys their collectable trinkets based upon them. It gives a reason for them to be there that hasn't been in the last few seasons. Odd that Orb's power is the first shown after being so prominent last season too. Maybe Orb did really well in Japan?

A pretty by-the-numbers first episode otherwise. I like that the new series lead is a little older. Taiga himself is a bit more of a kid than usual for Ultramen, but I guess even that works as his father's series was the "fairy tale" of the franchise.

Toku Prime

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My vague recollection is that they usually announce them around the time that the last episode airs in advance of a release around March.

I'm still quite behind on Taiga (only up to episode 14), but it's subverted my expectations so far. Given that Taro's season was supposedly one of the most lighthearted seasons of Showa Ultra, his son's season is turning out to be one of the most serious of the New Generation.

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After finishing recently I can safely say Ultraman Taiga is the best Ultra series ever made. The monsters had their uses, the cinematography was top notch, the effects went above and beyond their roles, and had renovation in the writing, turning many former villains into heroes in the end. Here is where I rank it among all the entries.

Taiga > Dyna > Gaia > Nexus > Geed > Jack > Mebius > Joneus > Ginga S > Tiga > Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey > Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle > R/B > Powered > 80 > Ultraman > Max > Leo > Great > Neos > Taro > Origin Saga > Ace > Ultra Seven > Orb > Cosmos > Neo Ultra Q > X > USA > Ginga > Ultra Seven X > Ultra Q > Dark Fantasy > Ultra Fight Victory > Ultra Zero Fight > Nice

Taiga proved to be the best of Ultra, Drive proved to be the best of Kamen Rider, Kyuranger proved to be the best of Super Sentai and tokusatsu as a whole, Delta finally gave the Macross franchise an entry worthy of a perfect score, and Gundam Build Divers proved Gundam could shine after Okada and Raildex guy nearly left it in ruins. I don't see a better decade for the big five any time soon. Here's to Ultraman Z, I wish to die a quick painless death and in the endless ocean of pain and suffering called life you'll be a life raft. I hope these meat shackles called a body can be unlocked so my soul can never feel misery or anguish again.

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