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Welcome to the discussion thread for Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger, episode 23; "The Ryusoul of Illusions".
(Show's title and episode title translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
This week: With their Ryusouls mysteriously losing power, the Ryusoulgers attempt a Ryusoul Trade to stop this from happening. To assist them, Canalo provides a Ryusoul capable of granting wishes, but Waizuru gets involved so he can take it for himself.

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We watched 21-23 tonight and my god, 21 and 22 were really good. Easily the best episodes of the series thus far. They were interesting, engaging, energetic, and featured some great moments. Not to mention we got a little development from PInky. Oh, and Master Pink was totally unleashing her inner Usagi Tsukino. :p

Maybe the show can somehow salvage itself from here? Oh wait, 23 is a clip show episode. Well there goes all of that momentum. At least the beginning was funny when Kreon said he has made all of these monsters with no successes.


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How does this episode manage to be both good and dumb at the same time?

I have adopted a certain mindset: Nothing wrong with clipshows/flashback episodes, as long as you do something with it other than make it about the clips/flashbacks. Examples include advancing the story in a minor yet important way, answering some plot holes that have left audiences confused, or introducing a new plot point that will become relevant later. This episode chose to do the latter.

I like the idea of Koh being able to hear the voice of Ryu Souls. I like the idea that Ryu Souls eventually die out and need to mined in order to be replaced. The Wish Soul was very intriguing. And while I still don't understand the difference between transformation Ryu Souls and regular Ryu Souls, I like the idea of a Kishiryu converting its soul into a Ryu Soul.

However, why in the world would the Ryusoulgers need to trade amongst each other? I know some don't fully trust each other, but if they have a united enemy, wouldn't it better to pool their Ryu Souls together instead of keeping certain Souls to yourself? Obviously, I'm not talking about Souls that can only be used by one specific user, like the Burning Soul. And if the Ryusoulgers are going to be sticklers about ownership, then how is trading easier than just going out and mining for new souls? Seems like only the rare types are worth trading, and even then it might not be worth it if you can't access its power.

And finally, there is the ending...
o_O I mean, can I get mad at it? Should I even bother? We all know casting the Wish Soul into space was a dumb idea. It's going to make a reappearance. If anything you just made it a bigger target, and keeping it close would have been better. But this is hardly the first time Super Sentai has done dumb things like that, and sometimes it actually works out. It's become a reoccurring trope at this point, so is complaining about it really going to accomplish anything?

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I've gotta disagree with you. There is nothing worse than being forced to watch a clipshow because it DOES have a single thread of plot advancements. Those are absolutely the worst. I'd rather a clipshow be something I don't have to waste my time with at all as it means one less episode to watch when binging.

Wish Soul is going to be the deus ex plot device used later on, and I'm already dreading it.

However, I also don't get why this clip show needed to happen when there hasn't been any plot in the show to begin with.